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Bryan Condra sends in this picture of this Action Age Scrambler

Richard i have a old 4x4 amphibious buggy i wondered if you know what kind of machine it is ? The body of it looks simalar to a corvette it does not have solid axles it steers with 2 levers just like a 6 wheeler but no transmission it just has a brakeing system with 2 disc that slows either side it. i would like to update it some if possible the factory color was yellow with silver flakes you can still see it on the inside of the machine in some places i tried to send you a picture of it but i guess I done it wrong any help with this would be great! thanks chris Machine is a SCRMBLER GOTCHA

I recently acquired this swamp fox, I don;t know that much about the six wheelers, Iam looking for a repair manual, and a transmission. here are some pictures too. thank you in advance. Harry.

Swamp Fox in process of restoration . I have rebuilt the carb but still are not sure about it and before I take off into the woods I want a more reliable powerplant such as the B&S or even better, a very quiet Honda. You know that I would never live it down if I took my wife out and "broke down" and she had to walk back. Any help, advice or considerations I need to think about are sincerely appreciated. I attached some pictures of "My Project". Happy Holidays. Dan Fletcher

Richard, Here are some pictures of our finished machine. We really want to thank you for all of your help. We never would have found what we needed to get this thing back together. We forgot to take digital photos of the before version of our machine, but when we get them developed from our regular camera we will scan them in and send you a few to see the difference. We are so happy with how it turned out. Of course we didn't keep it original, we added our own special touch with decals and color. Let us know what you think! PHOTO SET Thanks Again! Tony and Heather Ferraro

From Trey Nelson: Here is some pic of my frame layout I layed the kell PHOTO

Richard Here are some pictures of the plow I put on my Attex. The "blade" was cut out of an old oil tank, and welded onto an old mower plow frame (picture 1). The blade is heavy enough to warrant the use of boots which we put on after I peeled all the stone of my driveway(pic 2). As you can see we decided to mount the plow frame to the machine using steel plates and bearings that are 1/16" bigger than the axles. We didn't like the idea of drilling through the body(pic 3). The plow also has spring load ability (pic 4) for when you hit something hard. Other side view (pic 5). Overall I was very surprised at how well it works, this is my second season using it in upstate NY. So far the only thing that has been able to stop me is my wife telling me to "come inside and quit playing with that damn six-wheeler!" PHOTO SET

I am a frequent visitor to your site, fantastic job. I've enclosed some photos of my Argo 8x8 Magnum that I thought route6x6 fans might find interesting. She has been a faithful snow mover over the years but this year I designed and fabricated the plow pictured, complete with hydraulic angle as I was tired of constantly getting in and out to change the angle on my old manual plow. I fabricated everything save the hydraulics and trip springs, cutting shapes from steel plate with the plasma cutting gantry system I built. Getting the 16 ga. moldboard to conform to the curved ribs was a bit tricky. In the end, "standing" on it with my skidsteer's bucket worked fine while I welded it into place. The plow works great, it is a pleasure to operate from within the cab. One advantage of plowing with an AATV vs. a
pickup is that while folks here are pretty well "banked-in" by March (we average over 12' of snowfall/yr in this part of NW Montana), I am able to climb the banks and push snow over top.
The Argo was re-outfitted with a 25hp Kohler engine a few years back to give it a bit more boost to compensate for high altitude (I used to live at 8200’ in Colorado). I added the winch/winch mount (pictured beneath the "black box" sheltering the hydraulic pump), roll cage, and also built the gated cargo box pictured mainly to haul firewood. Unlike some of the commercial cargo boxes I've seen, I designed my box to conform to the Argo shell and take advantage of the extra space down between the rear seats. This also lowers the load center of gravity which is important as I live in mountainous terrain. Fortunately, I've yet to test the roll cage. PHOTO set Paul Genovese,
PresidentGrizzly Energy Resources, LLC

My project is a 72' Hustler. Bought it for $600.00. completely stripped and sandblasted every part that was to be painted. Installed a 25HP Kohler, rebuilt the T-20 transmission. And replaced every bearing and 2 axles in the drive train.I opted not to lower the engine down into the body. So i built a hood scoop on the deck lid. All parts except for body and paint supplies furnished by Richards Relics. It's a great toy, and alot of fun to drive. PHOTO Thanks Richard. George Bloomquist

Allan Will did a excellent restoration and upgrade of a older ATTEX machine:
Richard,Thought you might like to see some PHOTOS of my new Attex. Our first test run is this Saturday I'll let you know what this motor is like. Thanks for your help . Alan
NOTE: This is the same famous Allan Will who did the ATV jumping in the 1970's
See ROUTE6x6's PLAST FROM THE PAST section for his PHOTOS

Hey Richard! Here are a few pictures of my SKIPPER. I found it in an open garage and it had been there for approx. 7 to 8 years. I brought it home and found the chains and bearing cap were in poor shape. There was no seat or exhaust. I figure the motor was original, the rings were seized to the piston, I pumped automatic transmision oil into the cylinder and about a week later the rings popped, I rebuilt carb and after about 30 years the motor is running fine. I added an electic starter, built a roll cage, repaired cracks and painted, put on a new seat.
The pictures show you what she looks like now.

Thought I'd pass these pictures along to you. I bought the 18HP Briggs and Stratton from you last month. Betoween work and play I finally completed the swap. Attached are some pictures of the new install. I cut the frame edges that supported the old frame rails and made a new engine mounting plate. Using old chain tighteners I bolted and new chain idler to the motor mount to have the chain clear under the motor. Everything runs quite good. I was really supprized at the ease it will crawl on the the trailer. Thanks. Tim Flanagan


Marc Stobinski's ATTEX Conversion Project
Body: From 198? That had a GT-2 trans.
Chassis:  Modified 197? ST400
Engine, clutch and exhaust:  18 HP Vanguard, Powerblock, Richards quiet muffler.
Trans: Rebuilt T-20
Other: New running gear including shortened alloy axles.
 Ran ATTEX at Copper Ridge and Ledges.
This machine is quick, agile and quite fast in the water.
Roll cage design has Miami influence PHOTOS

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