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I stock, wheels, tires, clutchs, engines, trans, belts ,bearings, cable and most any other part.


Great clean fun in a Argo Conquest all decked out for the snow PHOTO

Here are a few PHOTOS of a ride we went on last weekend at a place called "Land Between The Lakes,Turkey Bay" located in KY. It is a great place to ride just about anything,has good camping facilities and is resonably priced.Thanks to Kyle Vogt.           More PHOTOS

Nice PHOTO to remind us spring is around the corner

Max is so versatile. From hauling hay PHOTO 1 to (after a visit to the car wash) proudly participating in the Southern Pines, NC Christmas parade. PHOTO 2 Thanks Jeff Shear

Nigel Kerr's ARGO made into a SHERMAN tank PHOTO

Hi I just want to say I love your site and it has helped me and kept me entertained for the longest time. I have recent
photo for you. I hope its not to ordinary. My brother in law and friend got their snowmobiles stuck and buried in a 6 foot drift storm on my place in Au Train Michigan Located in the Upper Peninsula. It was our first real snow storm on the 28th of December 2001. It took me in my 8 wheel Argo with the tracks to bust a trail to them and get them out. 5 and 6 foot drifts were no match for the Green Machine. The photo is just after were got back to the cabin.\ Thanks for Every Thing Sincerely
Robert Vogel

Hello Richard, I have been following this site for about five years (before it was handed off,,,, I might add that has become ALLOT better). I used this page to help me choose my 6x6. I have a Argo Vanguard 6x6, it is a 1991 model with a Briggs 16hp, Argo tracks, winch, belly pan, out board motor mount, and a 12v acc. port (cell phone, spot light, GPS). I have made a few mods, Better head lights (stock ones really bite) with heavy duty cage, a thumb throttle (it is hard to use a twist grip with heavy
mittens on), and for Ice fishing I made a custom rack for a portable fish house, ice auger, and shelf for propane & five gallon buckets. The well in the back of the Argo fits a Rubber Maid Action packer very nicely also. The reason I picket this rig is because on Dec 25, 1997 I nearly died on a snowmobile that went through the ice on lake Winnie, I vowed to never go on the ice without something that does not float! This rig has 150 hours on it and has done me nothing but good. It has pulled a few nice Whitetail deer out, caught allot of fish (summer and winter), taken me places to get rabbits, grouse, and ducks. Mostly it is a blast to run, The wife and two kids ride along and fun is had by all. Like all 6x6 rigs it is slow and bumpy, but it will go almost anywhere. The next addition will be some good deep lugged tires, these Runamucs relay suck. I am also a fire fighter, and have used it for training and two ice rescues. Here are some pics, THANKS James Comstock

Enjoy your site! Here is a 2002 MaxII ready for snow. PHOTO Thanks Kirk

15 Shriners with ATTEX's on parade, Cool shots taken in 2002 in Iowa, The grroup has 15 units and ROUTE6x6 helps keep them going...All started life a 295 Wild Wolfs, all now have been updated to Briggs Vanguards with modern wheel and tire sets. They use a double decker semi to have them all together. They attend many events per year. Machines are real quiet with good dependablity PHOTO set 1, PHOTO set 2, Note these are over 200k each

Here are a few pics of my Terra Tiger for you to check out. Preston, Lake Ann, Michigan

What Aaron did on his summer vacation!! Thanks Uncle Kirk. PHOTO

Obsessed with having fun!
The group of amphibious ATV riders that attended the 3rd Ledges Adventure was! The Ledges Adventure ride was sponsored by us; Orr’s All Season Vehicles, Inc., along with one of our Ohio dealers; Leo’s All Season Vehicles, with the help of Ontario Drive & Gear.
The four day event took place on about 1400 acres at a privately owned old gravel pit in Garretsville, Ohio. It had everything from sand dunes, muddy trails, a river crossing and a lake. We had 68 vehicles show up. Ranging from Argo & Max models new and old. The new Argo Fuel Injected 31 HP Avenger made an impressive appearance. Also had one Terra Tiger, very nicely restored by Mark. Even an old Sierra Trail Boss brought in by Ramona and Kevin Griffin. I forgot to mention the Red 650cc 6x6 built by the Orr boys for fun. We lost count of the riders but I know there were over 170 ranging in age of 2 to 68! From IN, OH, KY, NY, NJ, IL, PA, MI, & Canada.
The highlight was on Saturday. We had a dice run, a river challenge crossing, lunch at the lake, a hog roast upon returning along with a band and another night run. Upon riding with my husband and another couple in our 8x8 Avenger through the muddy, muddy trails with slop flying everywhere, I thought to myself, this is a crazy sport, but we are having the time of our life doing it!
The best part was having our grown children with us, seeing them enjoy this sport with the new friends they made, along with other families doing the same. Thanks to the size of most of the units you can take more then one person with you. You can enjoy this sport with your family and friends. If you did not have any friends with you when you came to the ride, you had about 100 plus when you left. What a fantastic group of riders to spend your vacation with! Everyone was helping one another when they got stuck. (Did I say the “S” word?) Even the young girls jumped in the river to help maneuver some of the stuck vehicles! It was a show just watching all the young drivers get through some of the worst conditions where the old guys couldn’t make it! For anyone thinking about getting into this sport, don’t think twice! Just find an old or new 6x6 or 8x8 and go for it! Join the Fun! Join the 6x6 Obsession! See photos of the 2006 Ledges Adventure below: each photo link goes to six photos each real size, enjoy

What do you get when you mix the enthusiasm of 6x6 off-roading and restoring old muscle cars. Well, you end up with a Hot Rod 6x6 like the Orr boys did. Gregg Orr Sr. along with his boys Gregg Jr. 21 and Jim 17 has been enthusiast of both hobbies since they can remember.

One day while on Christmas break the guys were talking about taking a bad engine out of one of the old snowmobiles and putting it into a 6x6 unit of their own. The next day the project was started. No real reason for doing it other then just to experiment and to stay busy during the Indiana winter, but also knowing the Ledges ride was coming up and knowing how much fun it would be to run it there.

They had a blem lower body in stock that was salvaged for the lower haul. They ordered in an upper Bigfoot red body uncut, then gave it a look of its own by making the hood opening bigger and cutting different vent openings. The inside main framework started as a factory Bigfoot frame, but was modified to accept the Argo Avenger Transmission, homemade chain tensioners, fuel tanks, one man suspension seat, outboard steering, and cooling system.

For the power pack they used a 1988, 650cc twin cylinder Artic Cat engine that they had to rebuild. They used an Avenger transmission knowing it would withstand the 85 HP. They used the larger Avenger slotted brake disk but cut the single #60 drive sprockets out and welded in double #50 drive sprockets for better strength. For the fuel cells, they ordered “Air Ride” air tanks, cut holes in the top to weld in Argo gas filler tubes. They had an old Kawasaki radiator and fan that was fitted into the rear area with cooling lines ran along the framework to the engine. The steering levers were mounted on each side of the driver for comfort. These were made out of some old levers, but the frame work was made from the ground up. For the exhaust, they had to cut down the old snowmobile exhaust and make it fit into the front body. They heat wrapped and ran the exhaust out the rear of the vehicle for a unique sound and look. The suspension seat frame is that of a tractor, with a plastic bucket and cover added. Mom insisted on the new racing H- harness seat belt once the boys started telling her how fast this should go. Wiring and gauge installation took some time, but everything works, thanks to Gregg Jr. and who is good with electrical components. They used the gauges from the snowmobile along with some of the vents. He even tapped the end of a shaft in order to hook up the speedometer. They purchased some diamond plate to dress it up and to make a firewall that saved Gregg Jr.’s leg when an old belt blew apart while test driving. The belt was new, but it had been setting on the shelf so long when we got it in the original box it had a picture of an old 6x6 on it. I think the box is worth more then the belt, after looking at it closer it was pretty dry rotted and now in 3 pieces.

The axles, sprockets and bearings are stock Argo parts with bearing supports added to the front of the unit. The tires are by Goodyear. They used a stock Argo 6x6 roll bar for protection which proved to be useful on the last day of the Ledges Ride. The wheelie bars were made from scrape parts.

A challenge has been experimenting with the belts, throttle and clutches along with getting the correct jets in the carburetor to allow this to run at full potential. Now it is only running about 48 MPH. The guys think it has the potential to run in the 60’s.

This was a great way for the guys to spend part of their winter, as it turned out to be a fun customized project. I am sure you will see it at other events, shows and off road parks running around. Anyone wanting to see this is welcome to visit our showroom inHamlet, Indiana.

Becky and Gregg Orr

Hi, here are some pics of my first time out with my 1986 argo 8 wheeler. what a blast! Great site you have i'm sure learnig lots from it. From Revelstoke, British Columbia. again thanks...Bowzer.

The Sierra Trail Boss An amphibious 6-wheel drive ATV was one of the best 6 wheelers ever built. It had an indestructible body, a strong frame, and heavy-duty chains and drive train. this is 1982 Sierra Trail Boss.i just got done with restoration, runs great and floats good.the body is in very good condition.all new bearings, chains,battery, wiring, cables,the motor. runs very good and is a 1980 ccw 440 fan cooled motor.Brian

Cool PHOTOS of a Terra Tiger swiming: Tested the Terra Tiger today in the water for the first time..... And we didnt get wet. So I guess thats a good thing?

Here are a few photos of my new Max II in Central Florida. My son and I went many places this weekend that we could not reach by Jeep or quad in the past. It sure was nice not worrying about drowning-out! We went from atv to boat and back again many times on the trip.
Kevin Chandler Leesburg, Florida PHOTO

Richard: here are some photos of my first coot "SWIM" with my niece "Emily" at the Amite river just outside of Baton Rouge La. If you can please put these in the photo section.
Melvin E. Myers PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2

The fourth annual Ledges ride was held on the weekend of July 28, 2007. The event was sponsored by Leo’s Argo and was considered a great success. The event began Thursday afternoon and ran through Sunday. There were night rides, a dice run, bon fires, music and BBQ. There were 50 machines in the group photo with another 20 or so spare machines back at some of the riders’ camps. The terrain had something to offer everyone including a large lake, swamps, sand dunes, and mountain trails. I found the dunes especially fun to ride on. It was also a blast watching all the machines negotiate the river crossing on the dice run. The racers also enjoyed the long, flat dirt roads that gave them the opportunity to test their speed limits (47 mph!) Everyone was very friendly and helpful making this ride one I hope to repeat next year. Thanks go out to Leo and all his guests for making this event a so much fun. PHOTO SET
Thanks  George Morrish

Here are some photos from this year CPATVA event. There were a half dozen machines in the “Amphib Class” with representatives from Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. It was great to see a pristine example of a Cushman Trackster show up and do so well in the in the mud bog event. Another highlight of the day was seeing (and hearing) an original Springer come to live after a 13 year hiatus. We really need to double the attendance at next year’s event. Any you folks out there care to commit for next year?   PHOTO SET Thanks to  George Morrish
And More......
You've probably noticed the T-shirt my oldest son Bud was wearing. He tied for first overall in the amphibious class events, and didn't let me forget it all the way home. The attendance at the rodeo was less than I'd hoped, but we had a great time anyway, and there was plenty of mud to go around. Thanks for letting us promote the event on your site, and we'll try and get lots more riders next year! Take Care MORE PHOTOS Thanks to Don Kinyon
 And more....
Videos sent in by Don Kinyon

Ledge Adventure Jamboree 2008

Leo’s Argo held their 5th annual Ledge Adventure Jamboree on the extended weekend of July 24th through 27th. There were over 70 machines and 50 families in attendance. Riders came from as far away as Arizona to participate.

As you would expect, there were quite a few Argos and Maxes there but there were quite many others too. Attex was nicely represented with about 8 examples on hand (with half of those converted to springers using a newly available kit). There was a Hustler 980, a Scrambler, a Trail Boss and a Terra Jet. In addition to seeing these rare classics, we all got to see some new entries into the 6x6 market. There was an example of a Hoot and two Mudd-Ox(en), both vehicles exhibiting their impressive capabilities on the trails and in the water.
The terrain had something to offer everyone and their machines. There were sand dunes, mud, wooded trails with mountain climbing and trees to slalom. There were long expanses of dirt road for the races to test their speed limits on. There was a huge quarry filled with water and an access ramp that made for a great play area for all the machines. Night rides went on each night and the trails were open all day long as well. There was a dice run on Saturday and a pig roast/BBQ Saturday night. A volleyball court was occupied all weekend and there was a bonfire each night that everyone gathered around to share their day’s experiences. If you were on the fence about going this year, I assure you that you will not be disappointed if you decide to go to the next one.

Thanks to Leo, his family and staff for putting on such an enjoyable 6x6 event again.




And thanks to George Morrish for sending in this story and photos


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