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I stock, wheels, tires, clutchs, engines, trans, belts ,bearings, cable and most any other part.


Pete Cagle's Sierra Trail Boss nice restoration of this classic.

Chris Checca's Borg Warner T-20 conversion into a Terra Tiger

Pete Cagle's "before" photo of the BABY BEAST. Pete sure knows how to find them! Restored pictures soon!

Rich Mays' real nice KADOO .It looks like new!

Andy Chesseman's HUSTLER . His sure know how to restore them, looks like Hustler intended.

John's Duck! A restored Sierra Trail Boss, made from two pieces of Trail Boss!

Tony Taylor's McKey Roughrider. Tony said "Worked on this one over a month. Found a pair of running JLO/Rockwell 300's Still under budget, only $700 invested including new bilge pump (have a spare trolling motor). Lot's of fun," Yes Tony looks like fun to me! Photo #1, #2.

Chris Revard's ARGO 6 project. This machine looks like the first issue BIGFOOT! This machine most likely will again, become a excellent All Terrain Vehicle!

Sperry Rand SPD WEDGE photos sent in by a surfer: Side view, Jetdrive and a Closeup! COOL!

Tim Berning's custom made top for an ARGO. "Here's a couple pictures of a top that I built. I used 1 X 2's and 1/4 Luan plywood and 1/8th in. Plexiglas for windows. The heat from the engine is enough to keep it warm inside". PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2.

Grorge Morrish ststes: "Here are some shots of my 72 ATTEX COLT. It looks pretty nice considering it's age but in the swimming shot I discovered it needs some patch work. Still, I did manage to swim it 1/2 dozen times as long s I kept an eye on the water level."

Moe Acker's 1980 Hustler. It has original tracks. It does great in Louisiana swamps. Has a 16 horse power Kohler engine. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2.

Ruben Magana's really quality restoration of s Scrambler. We all forget how good real paint looks!! Roben states. "Attached are the PHOTOS of my Scrambler that I have been working on, for the last 6 months. When I purchased it, it needed a good amount of touch up work. I had the rims, exhaust plate, roll bar, and headlight holders chrome plated. I completely redid the hydraulic lines and wiring. I repainted the top (spray cans and fine wet/dry sandpaper) and cut-out two new Scrambler logos. I rubber coated all of the inside of the hull with auto fender undercoat spray sold at your local auto parts place. I installed an hour meter, ammeter, and voltmeter. The reverse starter that I ended up using was from a 1974 Dogde Colt. I had to modify it a little. I installed a radio with tweeters and speakers, you can see them on each side of the passenger seat. The roll bar in the original Scrambler is facing back, but I installed it facing forwards. I like it better that way. I have used my Scramber at the Gulf of California and at the Los Algodones sand dunes. It's lots of fun. I can run up to 35 MPH on land, but I have not tried it in water. My next goal is to put it in the water at a place called Senators Wash. I will let you know how it does. I get lots of compliments and stares as I drive it around."

Joel Haslett has a neat story: "I have been checking the Route6x6 Photo Gallery page and haven't seen a single Amphicat. So here are a few.The first and second picts are of an Amphicat I bought without a transmission. I recently found a transmission that had been setting in a swamp behind a Amphicat owners house for about a year.Finding the trans in the swamp and getting it out of the swamp was an adventure .( I found the trans through a contact on the Route 6x6 Discussion Board) "Thanks " The third pict shows My father and son project "One Attex being put together out of two Attexs" My oldest son has a Jeep project , my second son has the Attex project , 3 more sons behind him .So I will be watching the Route 6x6 classified adds for some time to come. Look for us at Humphery next year. Last year we went empty handed and had a great time.We are going back next year "Loaded for Bear" Thanks"

Chris Revards restored ARGO, check out the before pictures above."Here are a couple of photos of my finished Argo project, looks a little better now huh? just took it on its maiden voyage everything worked right the first time. This is the fifth 6X6 one each(Max II , Sierra Trail Boss, Argo) or tracked (PPT and Trackster) plus a Penguin (still trying to find my pics), that I have rebuilt. I wanted to know how they did it first. I hope to build an all hydraulic 8X8 with jet drive.Thanks again for all your advice. Man do I enjoy your web site. Chris Revard" PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3.

A cool repainted 1960's ATTEX sent in by an unknown reader.

Pete Cagle's "Well here is what the baby beast from the east looks like now . I will send a better PHOTO with out all the mud , it is so hard to keep it out of the mud . Check out what it looked like before the restoration, see above in this PHOTO GALLERY"

Moe Ackers 80 Model HUSTLER . RwahideIII's runs great PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2

John Maiolo Terra Tiger restoration, These Photos show the first stages of a complete restoration of a Terra Tiger. We all hope that John will send us some more photos of this process! PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3, PHOTO 4, PHOTO 5. Thanks John

Jeff-n-Marcia found a SWAMP FOX project machine. He is considering undertaking this project. SWAMP FOXES were large strong machines built in the late 1970s through the 1980s. Many inprovements were added over the years. The bodies were fiberglass, strong frames and #50 drive chain. The SWAMP FOX was a very LARGE machine, about 1.5x the size of a standard 6x6. Looks like a major project to me but, it could perhaps be a good machine someday. Good Luck!

Got a new Sony Mavica camera, and snapped these out on my lake. Only freeze were gonna have in Evansville, IN probably. The new paint job was inspired by my Flareside which is matching color. Looks great on the trailer! Machine is my ROUGH RIDER in which I have restored! Tony Taylor

Here's a shot of my recently restored 1971 cushman trackster,not a great shot but you get the idea,better shots to come later. Ken valentine.

Hi, I got this atv down to be a Terra Tiger made in Lexington SC by Allis Chalmers. I have located some of the parts locally but still need some others. I have cross referenced all the bearing and chain parts with local auto and implement dealers Bill Harmon

Marc Stobinski from Nerw Jersey bought a old worn HUSTLER with the idea of doing a complete restoration. He took
the machine apart and did a inventory of what he needed to complete the job. The frame was cleaned then repaired, (note the care that was taken to finish with an excellent product. PHOTO set #1. After the complete restoration the HUSTLER sure looks great! PHOTO set #2. Is it really a restored machine or a new one??????? Marc built this HUSTLER to use not just to look at,
as shown by the last set of PHOTOS. (These photos are about 100K for each set.)
Editors note: Marc did a first class job of restoring this HUSTLER, he now has a special machine that is as good as a new. Excellent looks and dependalibty. Thsi is what everyone should keep in mind when doing a restoration.

Here are a few pictures of my Tiger I have been working on for 7 months. As you know Tigers didn't have reverse so being a design engineer and a machinist with a home shop I designed and built reverse into the first driven shaft using the main components from a GM turbomatic automotive transmission (gears). Also my machine did not come with the cone clutches when I bought it so those were made from scratch. Mark Murrany: PHOTO WOW!!!!!!!! Workmanship looks excellent.

Did ATTEX ever build an 8x8????????? I get asked that question more than one would think:
In the early 1970's ATTEX was very aggressive in the marketplace, doing lots of advertising amd general
promotion of the idea of Amphibious All Terrain Vehicles. They had a large modern assembly plant and
lots of ideas from many talented people. One of the ideas that they had was to develope and market a machine
to the US ARMY as tank simulators. Yes they built quiet a few and sold them to the US ARMY along with
a large spare parts package. These vehicles were true 8 wheelers! The design was based upon the current production
ATTEX 400 CHIEF with the JLO 400cc twin two cycle engine. They took a standard frame and added an extra
set of wheels in the middle. The machines had a single seat in the middle front of the ATV, the back seat was the
standard 2 seater engine cover. This front seat was adjustable back and forth. All the machines that I have seen were
in the standard green camo color and had a very strong roll bar system attached. All the machines came with the then
"new" demountable wheels! with 5 bolt flanges on the solid axles. The design seemed to work except for the fact the
the larger body and frame size allowed to much stress to the frame and major body cracks developed. Part of this
problem was due to the fact that the machine had 40hp with a high top speed and the hard brittle ABS body. Remember
this was before that days of the light weight 4 cycle engine and strong POLY bodies in which we all enjoy today. The
PHOTO set shows an poor condition ARMY 8x8 along with a few photos of a frame being restored.

In later days there was a MAX4 marketed to the ARMY as remote control vehicles. Yes I have photos and I will
post them soon.

Enjoy Richard Clark

Tony Taylor did a restoration on a McKey Roughrider, check it out! PHOTO

A restotation and update story from Greg Lucas:
I finally completed my ATTEX project!!!! LOTS!!!!of work went into this machine. First started tearing old machine
apart mid summer 2000. Rebuilt the T-20 and sandblasted the frame midsummer. Discovered cracks on the front frame,
I welded and ground them down smoth. Painted the frame. Cut out all the holes in a new body on both upper and
lower shell. (What a job!) Set frame in and installed new bearings and new axles. Installed 5 bolt adapters and installed
new tires. Fastened top body onto lower body with rivets. Reinstalled steering recievers and replaced brake calipers. I
used lockdown sprockets with setscrews, works great! Next was engine shoehorning!!!!!Had to cut a section out of the
engine cover so I covered it with a hoodscoop from JC Whitney. Also had to cut the vent out bigger for clearance of
exhaust on right side. For mounting engine I cut the center plate out and replacedd it with one longer and welded it
back together. Everything else is factory. I installed a rear hitch, bilge pump and a winch. Bought a heated Throttle
cable, installed new wiring, ampmeter, oil pressure gauges. All lights were installed next came new decals, after I had
them made! Worst part of the whole project was cutting holes in the new body and fitting the engine cover. You only
get one shot to get it right. I decided to convert exhaust to exit at the rear so I could run tracks. Had to make
heat shields to protect the plastic body. All in all I think it turned out good, I think? PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2

The machine started life as a 400 CHIEF, now I call it a ATTEX 570

Editors note: Greg, Yes I think you did an excellent job, this is sure a job to be proud of. Thanks for sending in these
photos and the story for all of us to enjoy. Richard Clark

Here are some PHOTOS of a ATV project I've been restoring. Found a lot of helpful hints on your site. Keep up the good work! John Gallagher, New Hampshire

Brad in Vermont is doing a restoration on an ARGO 16hp TEC 6 wheeler,, he looks like he is on his way!

 Here is one of Pete Cagles projects, an ATTEX L'IL TRUCK or wantabe. PHOTO

Here is a machine from the "land down under" Tim Davis writes:
I'm a big fan of your site. I find it very informative and interesting while navigating it. I have attached some photos of a 6x6 that I have been lucky to be given. The only thing I know about it is that it is called a Goanna. As the photos show it runs an eight horse power Briggs and Stratton engine through twin cone clutches. Would it be possible for you to post the photos on the web site. Inviting any information from visitors on where it was built, tech info and the like. Thanks Tim Davis. PHOTO I will
see it I can get Tim to send us some more photos.

Thought I would pass on a couple pictures of my ' 73 Attex Thunderchief. It has the original 440cc JLO, new tires and wheels, chains, and paint. I need to do some work to make it A1 but not bad for $700. Thanks for having a great site. I found this machine in your classifieds and drove from PA to IL to pick it up. I've always wanted one of these since my neighbor first had one in 1969. Look forward to talking to you soon. Tom Beatty PHOTOS

Mike Ryan in Albany OR. I just got this amphibious and trying to find out more about it. It is a 1963 PENGUIN made in Canada with a Villiers engine type 9E 3 speed. Also included in PHOTO set is the same machine now painted red.

From Steve Laughlin: Photos of the two 6x6's that my father and I went on together. The scrambler has a 12hp B&S electric start motor, that turns over. Overall the scrambler needs its hydralics reworked and a new wiring harness. The knobbies are badly weather cracked so they will need to be replaced SOON! other than that it should be about ready. However, my father is going to claim the scrambler as his. That is if he is ever able to get it away from his grandson. (see photos) He plans on going over the Whole vehicle, starting with bellypan and work his way to the top. I will try to keep sending pictures of the process. The Tiger is my project. It currently has a 8hp Tecu with no torque convertor. I hope that by the end of this weekend I will have that 12.5 B&S vanguard that we have talked about heading this way for it! After that is installed I plan on fabricating a bellypan and a hood (my is missing) and slowly start to convert my floation tires to modern rims and tires. This project too will be documented with photos for all to enjoy. PHOTO SET

I found a 6x6 that I am probably going to buy and restore, but I don't know a lot about this particular make. The only part that is in really tough shape is the transmission. There is a gearbox with two spider gears and a pinion gear
that is pretty well shot. do you know any thing about this particular machine and availability of parts for it? The emblem on the front reads Sperry Rand - Special Products Division, New Holland Group, Lebanon, Ohio. There are some pictures attached below
. PHOTOS Thanks Jeff Schuster

Five MAXII's being restored at one time, all lined up ready to go! Restoration by Richard Clark and

ATerra Tiger before restoration, owned by our John Mallano PHOTO

Here are some PHOTOS of a Super Swamp Fox that my dad and I rebuilt last deer season. Originally the Swamp fox was White on top and Blue on bottom, but after much sanding, priming and painting, it turned out really nice. I have only seen one other Swamp Fox on your website and it needed MUCH help. I’m 25 years old now but we have owned this Swamp Fox since 1984 ( I was 6). This is the original 16hp 0h 160 16 hp Tecumpseh, and Skid Steer Tranny that is came with. I have some other pictures of the Before…but here is the After…..Hope you like ‘em. Lots of folks down here in South Texas have never seen one of these so it is a lot of fun turning them on to your website and letting them learn the history about these 6 and 8 wheel ATV’s. My dad and I love your website and think that you are doing a great job. Thanks again. John and Jerry Keen Clifton, Texas



Bill Bellis did a wonderful restoration and major update to an old 2ws COOT, he converted it to 4ws added Vanguard engine and did many, many other modifications, how many can you spot? PHOTO set, thanks Bill

Here are the pictures of my GT 15 . It did not come with an engine. I had a Arctic Cat (Kawasaki) 340 on the shelf , so that's what it's getting !! The body has been "painted" with something and I'm not sure how long its going to take me to get the "paint" off of it. I will make it run before I tackle that problem. This is a model GT 15. It has a forward and reverse transmission that feeds the clutch packs. There are 2 clutch packs for each track. One of them is the drive and one is the brake. The drive is spring loaded so the track will turn when the transmission is in gear. There are 3 pedals on the floor. One for throttle and a brake pedal for each track. When the brake is pressed for it's track, the drive clutch is disengaged and the track freewheels. When
the pedal is pressed farther, the brake clutch is engaged and will slow the track or stop it completely. Also the steering linkage is connected to the brake clutches, so when you turn the steering wheel so far, the drive disengages and turning the steering wheel farther, the brake is engaged on the inside track. There are wheels on it right now and I do not have the skis. I may try to
adapt the skis off my donor Arctic Cat Panther since it doesn't have an engine any more. I have never seen one before this one and I have not driven this one yet. From the looks and understanding of this thing, it should be fun. Lance Dolfi liflod PHOTO
Note machine is an ALLSPORT TRACKER Thanks Lance

Richard, Here are some pictures of a Super Swamp Fox that my dad and I rebuilt last deer season. Originally the Swamp fox was White on top and Blue on bottom, but after much sanding, priming and painting, it turned out really nice. I have only seen one other Swamp Fox on your website and it needed MUCH help. I’m 25 years old now but we have owned this Swamp Fox since 1984 ( I was 6). This is the original 16hp 0h 160 16 hp Tecumpseh, and Skid Steer Tranny that is came with. I have some other pictures of the Before…but here is the After…..Hope you like ‘em. Lots of folks down here in South Texas have never seen one of these so it is a lot of fun turning them on to your website and letting them learn the history about these 6 and 8 wheel ATV’s. My dad and I love your website and think that you are doing a great job. Thanks again. John and Jerry Keen
Clifton, Texas PHOTO set

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