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I stock, wheels, tires, clutchs, engines, trans, belts ,bearings, cable and most any other part.


Here is a CUSHMAN TRACKSTER on Lake Winni in NH icefishing PHOTO

Tom Philiips send in his ARGO all decked out for hunting, even SPOT the dog.

This is my ’94 Max II. All tuned up and ready to ride. I mounted the winch, lights. Rich Hawkins

Here are some pics of a Super Swamp Fox.

Here is a photo of my Swamp fox with a plow I refabricated for it, it works very good.
PHOTO Would love to see it on your great site. Thanks Jeff Smith

Hey Richard, Here's the pics I told you I would send. I'm just about complete with my metal detecting max.
It's getting strong reviews on the treasure depot in the relic forum and think others will get these. I
have two more pics I will send as well. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Clyde
McFadden-Lake Wateree, SC PHOTO

This is my terra tiger that i purchased for 100 dollars but with noengine so i purchased a jlo 295 for it for 75 dollars and i have made mounts for it. i live in northern nj and wouldlike any pictures of old 6x6s if you want to send them to me. Thanks John Baylor

HI like to see if you could add this to your photos it is a 1975 maxIV with a 484cc motor the thing is like new it has been all redone: Additional PHOTOS: thanks mark in ohio

Jason Foofer designed and built a good looking hardtop for a MAX II, check it out!

WOW Look at what was just ckecked in to the shop at ROUTE6x6!!!!
Yes we are just parting it out........MONSTER atv (note this image is over 200k)

These photos are of my 1978 Attex Superchief, its mint and although the Sidewinder in the photo is not the one I bought from Colorado, it is the same color and has the same roll bar. I have seen a Sidewinder that was white on the bottom and red on top in poly before, but this tan and maroon combo is new to me. As I recall the side stickers were cut exactly like the Hustler stickers. This Sidewinder in the picture was on Ebay a few years ago and I thought it was custom painted, apparently not. The mystery 6X6 is a Russian built Argo clone called a Beetle or AVP-093 Zhuk PHOTOS Thanks to John Bushinski

Hello Richard,
I sure like your web site and all the great photos, I thought I would send you a pic or two of our 1972 Terra Jet I restored about four years ago, is powered with and electric start 340 twin Yamaha snow mobile engine....the Browning is for the faster ATVs that I can't keep up to,..ha ha!
It would be great to see it on your web site photos Randy Swain in Dawson Creek, B.C. Canada

Nice job on your site, thought somebody might get a kick out these shotsdrove from milwaukee to winnepeg and all over manitoba and back with the argo up there. did great. was a little easier if i could put the back wheels in a hole.third shot from saskachewan and is the most incredible mud i have ever seen: Mr. Yager PHOTO

Richard, Mystery ATV Looks like a early Muscateer??????
      Thanks, Mike Woods   Wasilla, Alaska

Richard ,Here are some pics of my newest addition of my kid 8x8, it has the Perkins diesel 4 cylinder, Vickers pumps for the hydrostatic drive , # 62 chain, this thing weighs almost 3000 lbs. thought some of your other readers would like it as much as I do. . Gus Marrone

Richard. I am an Argo dealer in Brantford, Ontario Canada. I have just taken in an old McKee roughrider 6x6. Someone had good intentions to fix it up, but it looks as though that's as far as it got. It is in pieces.  Attached are some photos.

My son Mac and grandson Logan 29yrs apart. I just got a new red Max ,will have to take Logans picture over again : See PHOTO set Alan Will
The above ALAN is the same talented man who is building Custom ATV's
Check out thiis HOT ROD ATTEX

HUSTLERS can be fine modern machines, restored and updated correctly
How NOT to restore your HUSTLER. Thanks Frank Lee for these photos

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