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Doug Lingenfelter's Attex Super Chief crash. Was he OK?

A REB INDUSTRIES machine driving out of the water.

John Bushinski's MAX 4 coming down the trail - Watch out!

ARGO 6x6 BIGFOOT leaving a duck-pond on a wet day in Wales, UK. The on lookers couldn't believe it would float on the water. Owned and operated by Richard Walsh

Larry Rabalais' "Who said that Terra-Jet does not have 6 wheels?" Photo, Action shots more Action shots

"My MAX's first outing" by Ron House. Sure looks like they had fun.

Tom Gerdes' ATV RACING PHOTOS "1980 NATVA Summernationals outside of Ashtabula OH. They are taken on the pit side, so the visibility of the whole track wasn't able to be taken. I'm in the buggy coming into the pileup at the berm just visible to the right of the cone. (I think). "

Chris Molding from Cross Country Radio Services in Bolton, Lancs. England wrote:"We have an Argo 8x8 amphibious all terrain vehicle available for use for radio survey or off road delivery work in extreme locations previously unreachable by 4x4 vehicles. The photos show the Argo 8x8 AATV with a 10m telescopic mast at a trial location on a beach near Heysham nuclear power station in north west England". Photo #1, #2and #3.

Brent Hites' MAX II out for a day of fun! Lets join him.

Picture sets provided by Alan Teryn of the Humphery New York ride. Set #1, Set #2. July 1999. Thanks Alan!

Dan Grover shares a nice story with all of us:

"As a child I grew up watchin the Bananna Splits on Saturday morning. At the start of the show the four Bananna Splits would drive Attex ATVs through a field. I would watch it, and wanted one so bad. Lucky for me my fathers best friend from high school had an ATV dealership. So from time to time when we visited Charlie Baldwin I would get a ride. By the time I was seven, I had driven a Scrambler, Attex and Cushman. I knew hands down I wanted an Attex. Nimble and effortless to drive. Well, my first ATV dad brought home was a Jiger. We drove it around the yard once and that was it, unfixable. I think I was around 8 years old at the time. Next my dad bought the family a Mud Bug. It was a three wheeler pre Honda ATC 90. It had two rimmed 22x11 in the rear and a smaller wheel up front. It was powerd by, I think ,a 7 hp TEC.. In fifth grade I got my first Attex. I don't know which model or year it was because it was used and someone had painted it green. It came with an 8 hp Briggs and Straton. That provided two years of fun and maintinance.In seventh grade I got a brand new Attex 400 Chief. I loved it. You see, I have muscular dystrophy. My dad knew this was a way for me to get around. By this time my buddies were riding a various assortment of motorcycles. I could drive that Attex like Mozart could make music. I had a natural talent at skid steering. I could send that Chief into a six wheel drift and not spill your coffee. At high speeds I could drive through obsticles that would scrape booth sides. To this day I know that my ATV experience helps with me driving my electric chair. Everyone remarks how remarkable my driving is, well of course its just skid steering.

I only have these 8x10 photos left. A buddy of mine at the time had a nice camera and he was an amature photographer. We wanted to get the classic mud shots. (PHOTO 1) So on a cold dismal rainy winters day in New Jersey my buddy and I set out on our task. We had to talk my mom into driving us to get gas. At the gas station we told the attendent our intentions, as he stood there shivering in the rain; He looked at us and Said, "Simple Shits." Its still a standing joke today with my buddy Chris. So we set out to do a photo shoot. We took about 10 pictures but unfortunately I only have 3 left. The bummer, that is missing is one that showed me doing donuts where you could see mud clumps hanging on the power lines, thrown up from the wheels. In fact before we did the shoot in weather that wasnt fit for a duck. We switched the tires for maximum mud throwing capabilities. The good one that I have is a classic full speed into giant mud puddle shot. Can't even see me, the water shoots clear out of the frame. (PHOTO 2) Tricky shot to set up because my buddy had to literally jump out the way and it was lucky the puddle slowed me down! I sold the 400 Chief when I was seventeen to buy a car. I think it was in 1979 or 80. It was such a part of my life and I think about it all the time. Unfortunately for me, now my strength has declined to the point were I dont think I could drive like I used to. If I was rich though: I would track one down and restore it. I always tell people if you knew me as a little kid I always had either a fishing pole or a wrench (to fix the ATV of course) in my hand. I looked at all the articles on ROUTE6x6 and I never saw Charlie Baldwins name mentioned. I am not positive but I think he was a two time Grand National Champ, I not sure of the years. He had a dealership, Baldwins Tractor and ATV center in Pennington New Jersey. He won with his Gittin Gotcha. I know he put a JLO 760 with an instant reversing transmission into it. Made wheelie poppin real easy". Cool Story Dan, Thanks a lot!

Ryan Burkey ATV adventure. Everything from cattails to snow! Photo#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5.

Becky Orr from Orr's All Season Vehicles sent in some excellent shots from the Humphery New York Ride.
looks like they had a good time. Thanks Becky. NOTE: UPDATED PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2

Alan Teryn: ROUTE6x6's official photographer, sent these nice pictures of the MAXarama 99. The event was held in Michigan around the middle of August. Sure looks like everyone had a good time. PHOTO1, PHOTO2.

Barry Nicholson duck hunting photos. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2.

Check out the HITMAN putting his ARGO to the test. Does it climb?, What about mud?

BOY! Do we have some pictures . Allen Teryn sends us many neat pictures of the RIBIT RIDERS HALLOWEEN RIDE and some more from the MAXARAMMA 99 trail ride. The pictures are divided up into groups. GENERAL, ADVENTURE, THE DUST BOWL and GOT MUD!!!!!! Thanks Allen for all your help.

Ron House's nice trip: "In Search of the Beaver Pond" A REAL story. thenks Ron!

Corky Story has a really nice PHOTO of their HUSTLER is a snow scene. "We got ~5" of snow here in NC & were able to really test out our Hustler right! It has been restored (inside & ouKohler mot) - an 18hp tor - and we call it "Toad". Corky Story Granite Falls, NC"

Here are some pictures my dad took last year at the Humphrey ride. Thanks Jeff Woodruff pictures by Tom Woodruff. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3, PHOTO 4. Also a really cool PHOTO shot on the 4th of July!

Think you have snow????? Hank Protzel "Nice site. Anyway, I have an "85" Argo 8x8. I have made a nice covered shell for it to help keep the snow out. As you may have figured out I use this in the snow a lot. 12-15 ft normally. I have tracks for it. It works great in the snow. " PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3, PHOTO 4. Anyone have a shovel???

Harry John Dusseau III sends us more cool photos of the Humphrey NY ride: FIRST PHOTO a red MAXII with tracks, SECOND PHOTO the red MAX V taht was converted to run on propane, THIRD PHOTO a blue plastic bodied MAXII and the LAST PHOTO: Swampy's MAX V. Harry wrote "last picture is of a guy's really sharp custom-made rollcage for his MAX IV. His first name, I believe, was Paul, but everyone called him "Swampy." He rode with my cousin and myself, along with two other MAXes on the all-day ride on Sunday. The rollcage was very nicely done. Heavy steel pipe, custom bent and welded. HUGE cargo rack over engine. All painted to match the upper body. He put an 18" section of heavy-guage mesh wire between the front bars to keep branches and other debris out of his face. A very nice vehicle, and a very nice man. He ran three tires off the bead during the Night Ride the evening before, and the folks in his "group" helped him switch his tires around, (with one donation), so he'd have solid tires on all four corners in order to make it back to camp!" Thanks Harry!

Tim O'keefe sends in these cool PHOTOS of Pete's ride on NJ on April 1st weekend! "I am The good looking guy wearing the sweater coming up the hill in the woods picture and with the other Bigfoot in the pond. The swamp pictures show an 8x8 and red conquest. There is also an amphicat, attex,hustler, 2max's 2bigfoots. It was a great ride". Thanks Tim!

Pete's winter ride in NJ. PHOTOS Looks like they had a good time! Thanks Pete

Alan Teryn: ROUTE6x6's official photographer strikes again! Photos from the MAXARAMA 2000.
Sure looks like everyone had a good time. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3. Thanks Alan!

All you cooking in the heat, check out these PHOTOS Here are some pictures of my own 6 wheelers, a 1970 amphicat and a 1974 Attex 400 chief. Kevin Connacher

...HUMPHREY WEEKEND RIDE 2000 Alan Teryn: ROUTE6x6's official photographer
Sent us these excellent photos of the ride. Thanks Alan

More HUMPHERY WEEKEND RIDE 2000 photos sent to us by Becky Orr. thanks


Even More HUMPHERY WEEKEND RIDE 2000 photos sent to us by
Ramona Griffin president of WNYATAVA Ribitrider club: thanks

The red tracked machine is a 60's ski slope grooming machine made by Thikol. I picked it up 5 yrs ago for $350, and after many hrs of restoration, it is now a weekend party vehicle. The other pics are two of my friends in their MAX IV. Enjoy! Brett Curry PHOTOS


It is a cold winter day in much of the United States: An excellent time for more HUMPHERY
RIDE 2000

The ride at Humphrey was excellent! I've got a lot of pictures, and there pretty good! I came all the way from Indiana with Becky Orr's group of people. It looked like quite a convoy on the road! There was about a dozen Argos in a row. When cars passed us they were stunned looking at them. Thanks Brian


Rollin' Thunder
Brian Hadt
Argo Patroll

Mike Tueller and Shane Summerhays enjoying fishing away from the crowd at Fish Lake Utah PHOTO Looks like
they had a great time, That ARGO sure looks like it does the job!

Kyle Vogt has been using his MAX's in TN, Check out the cool action shots, Thanks Kyle. PHOTO

A nice winter ride this past weekend! PHOTO ( This image is 200k but well worth the load time)

Supacats, Supacats,Supacats,Supacats,Supacats,Supacats,Supacats,Supacats,Supacats, everywhere Supacats


Get ready for Pete Cagle's next ride, just a cool PHOTO of years past

LIL Chief (Gary) sends in these neat PHOTOS of his new yellow ARGO, Looks like they are having a ball!

Here are a couple photos of me and my argo going to the Knik Glacier in Palmer Alaska. Randy Millsaps Wasilla, Alaska
Wow!!!!!!! Looks like a once in a lifetime trip! PHOTOS

This is a 1975 scrambler I purchased and turned into a paintball assault vehicle. It fires 450 rnds a minute out of a fully functional turret. aluminum roll cage ,sound system ,smoke generator, . Alot of fun!!! It has made a couple of covers of paintball magazines along with alot of upkeep. I just want to say again nice job on the web site. Hope you like the pictures PHOTOS

Here are some photos to post on the site if you'd like. Sent in from Brad Dunn: I took them this past weekend. The area is about 5 miles from my house in Monrovia Maryland, That's about 35 miles North East of Washington D.C. Here's a short description of each. Picture of Max in swamp area next to a pond which I found by riding some trails just off the creek. Never would have found this on foot.. Max and very swampy area leading to the pond. Took photo and then drove through this area, (no problem). It's the first time I've ever been stuck and believe me I've been looking for places to get stuck. And stopped to clean up my boots and come-a-long after getting unstuck. PHOTO SET thanks Brad!

Lets "Hit the Water' with Mike Ryans 1963 PENGUIN PHOTO

Hello Richard. I here are ten pics I took at the Badlands ride. We all had a great time, I wish you could have rode with us. Your Attex would tear up those dunes. Here is a short description of the pics:

Ten AATVs lined up at the beginning of the ride.
Flooded area of the trails.
AATVs playing in a water hole in the pea gravel area.
Argo Bigfoot trying to climb a steep hill.
Argo Bigfoot mudding.
Jumping out of the drain pipe.
Bill driving his Bigfoot out of a mud hole.
Splashing into a mud hole.
Two Argos going into one of the huge drain pipes.
Nine AATVs in the pea gravel dunes.

Special thanks to Midwest ATVs for putting the ride together and to Recreatives for the Max hats and shirts.
And to Brandon Price for sending these photos in to ROUTE6x6

Editors Note: This ride was over JUNE 9-10th. Be sure to check out ROUTE6x6's EVENT section for the next ride!

Tom Wolff driving his MAXII in California! PHOTO

All taken by ROUTE6x6's official photographers!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pics of this past weekends Humphry ride. Taken By Tom Woodruff.

John Mitchell sent us these pictures from Ramona Griffin President of Ribits Riders.


Here are some pictures from the September 15, 2001 Badlands Ride. photo 1 shows Bob and Joe Yakimicki trying out the winch on their yellow Bigfoot. photo 2 shows the action at the culverts. photos 3&4 show the generous door prize drawing after lunch on Saturday. photo 5 shows more fun in the mud! Bob Yakimicki, Knox, IN

Hi guys! Well after looking over your site and seeing all these wonderful machines I decided to send you some pictures of my adventure one cold fall day. My son and I where out on my trap line when we decided to cross the beaver pond because we did not feel like walking around as usual, because there no trail around this pond the only way is to cross water or walk on the beaver dam. Well all went until we tried to get out of the water, the dam was to steep and the back end of the argo went under water and did not have the power to pull itself out of the pond. so it sank, luckly I had a chain saw and was able to cut a log very quickly to prop up the front so no water would get in the motor. To get it out was another story, we had to get friends and cut a new trail in form another direction to get to the pond, then we tried pulling it out with a winch on a Polaris 6X6 and it wasn't strong enough, so we had to get all six guys riding on the Polaris for enough tracktion and barely pull it out. once we emptied the water "very Cold Water" we started it again and drove it back to the trailer. Some trip. That was a 6 wheeled argo and now I own an older 8 wheel argo with a 440 Kohler in it, a much better machine. Your web site is excelent, and fun to look at, I wish I was there playing in the mud to. Up in these part we mostly have muskeg bog, and these machine are very handy to have. Cochrane, Notheastern Ontario Canada 4 miles north of the 49th parralel. Keep up the good work guys. Dan Girard PHOTO

Paintball SCRAMBLER FUN Here are two PHOTOS of it in action with infantry support. This was during the spring game at Paintball Sams in Wisconsin. Their is all ways a cloud of green by it where ever it goes on the field. During this week end we fired all most 14,000 rnds of paint from the turret, no break downs which made me happy. Thanks JB

John Mitchell from Recreatives send us a great set of 18 PHOTOS of the Tower City Ride in PA. The dealer is R & R Recreatives in Ellicott City, MD. Note: This photo set is about 300K in file size, thanks John Mitchell

Here are updated of the resored Rough Rider I sent you last summer.Got a new Sony Mavica camera, and snapped these out on my lake.Only freeze were gonna have in Evansville, IN probably.The new paint job was inspired by my Flareside which is matching color. Looks great on the trailer!I also have a mpg (1.2M) MOVIE doing donuts on this lake shot with my Mavica,.Fellow Hoosier, Tony Taylor

Here is a couple shots of my Argo Conquest. The first is me pulling two quads out of the mud. The
second is just a shot of my rig. It is fully loaded with all the options I could get plus some add ons I
did, like the 100 watt lights. PHOTO thanks Shane Web

i have a allis chalmers terra tiger body is in good shape no cracks or major damage still has factory stickers
it had a j'l'o two stroke in it but when i got it the jlo was swapped out and a hirth 440 snowmobilemotor installed it has no trans no reverse just forward left and right powers through a torque converter had firestone one piece wheel&tires on itbut i switched over to itp steel wheels and pure sport realter tires had to make new drive flanges for it but not a problem its what i do for a livingi am a welder fabricator by tradeit floats and its real fast PHOTO Thanks Tim Startt

Saw this Hustler @ the Humphrey ride it was equipped with 2 floats stored on the back rack and used on drop down out riggers attached to the windshield to stabilize it in water. It also had a 100-watt alternator to power the lights and the boosted CD player, CB, 300 watts of driving lights, GPS etc... Joe Herlihy (GI Joe) from New Hampshire owns/modified it. It tows an ATV trailer with all the necessary camping gear. I assume it has a wet bar, butler etc.. Joe was a good guy and very helpful on the trail. The in the second photo is interesting because the windshield kept the driver from getting muddy but obviously impaired his visibility to do the small obstacle course in the Mud pit competition. Also in the second set of photos are my completed Hustler. The offroad lights were relocated under the roll bar and worked very well on the Friday night ride and could be easily positioned from the driver seat to see up the trail or around corners. Marc Stobinski

Family winter scene, looks like they really enjoy ATV's and start them off early PHOTO

Early Racing shot from Marc Stobinski, yes that is our own Marc. PHOTO

Just a simple nice fall shot of a early MAX II PHOTO

Max IV featured in this mud shot from Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes ORV park called Turkey Bay,
bring on th ecar wash! PHOTO

SOFTTRACK machine from Europe, looks like they have fun too. PHOTO

Rokons and Cushman Tracksters at their yearly meet in CA, ever seen so many in one spot? Sent in
by Gene Snow from Snowco. PHOTO

More Paintball FUN. converted COOT and CUSHMAN TRACKSTER PHOTOS sent in by Richard Cherwak

This is our new Max IV 900T, I bought it with roll cage, windshield, complete enclosure, 26" Goodyear tires and cover. We are having a blast with this machine. We are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here are some PHOTOS of My son Joshua and I in a swampy area. Mark Haupt

Dear Richard: Here are some PHOTOS of our new bigfoot. My grandchildren and I look at the pictures on your site all the time and they would get a kick out of seeing it on the site. Thanks Tom Moran,

This is my sierra trialboss a got for $300. With a ccw 440 engine and a couple miner things I fixed, this thing can really fly. I smoke my friends max leaving him in the dust. Here are a couple pictures of me in my trailboss and my friends max. In this picture my friends max died in the middle of the street. Here is a picture of are 6wheelers in my front lawn. Next is my 6wheeler in action. Jeff Belfiore Thanks PHOTOS

The first four pictures are from a visit to Kingman and along the Colorado River in western Arizona. The last three pictures are from a not-quite successful trip to Green's Peak here in eastern Arizona. I don't have a track kit, and I was still using the stock Runamuks. I got hung up in a 3-1/2' drift on the way back that I had succcessfully passed through on the way out. I was in a large open space with nothing to anchor the winch strap. I called the Apache County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center on my cellphone and asked the dispatcher to send out the snowcat. The snowcat drug me out about 200 yards and I drove out the rest of the way, passing the ACSO vehicles that didn't make it within a mile of where I was. Remember not only is my male pride hurt at this point, but because of my fire department and emergency medical services activities almost every ACSO employee knows me. It will be awhile before the teasing stops! My wife June says that maybe I can have a SuperTrack kit for Christmas this year.

James Comstock ARGO set up for ise fishing in Goodland Minnesota PHOTOS

Richard, Hope you all had a Happy New years celebration and are doing well. Please post these action pics on your webb cite . Just a small glimpse of some of the ridding TN. has to offer. I've also sent one of a rollover I experienced and why I HIGHLY recommend that anybody who rides , ought to have some kind of roll cage. Thanks, ride safe, have fun. Kyle, Airborne Six. PHOTO set (warning these excellent photos are about 200K in file size, but well worth the wait)

The Military simulation pictures are for the sport of Airsoft. Airsoft is somewhat similar to Paintball, but with a lot more strategy and realism. The weapons shown in the pictures are not real nor can they be modified to shoot real bullets. (I need to mention this)

The first six PHOTOS are of a recent Ride in the back of my property in the Montreal Area. I was actually initiating the Owner of the Smaller 6 wheel Argo to the great sport of argoing, he learned quickly…….. not to drive too fast through brush or else you can hit something like a rock or a stump and knock your knees on the dash…..haha

The evening was great and we got to explore the limits of each vehicle. A winch is a must when pushing your
bike to the max.

The last Five PHOTOS are of 2 different Airsoft Events put on By the PQAC in which my ARGO CONQUEST was instrumental in our team accomplishing our objectives. It is nimble and can pretty much go anywhere while transporting 6 people and all our gear. The sport of airsoft is a military simulation type game that utilizes advanced tactics and communication, Games may vary between 8 to 24 hrs depending on the scenario, and often times the terrain is very large and very challenging. So challenging in fact that no other vehicle besides the ARGO or a MAX can effectively do the job.

Combining my 2 passions (ARGO and AIRSOFT) allows me to explore land in a much different way than

The ARGO ROCKS Thanks for the great WebSite! Jon Raven Team Bad Karma, PQAC

Anita's Hills Argo goin for a dip in Missouri. PHOTO

Greetings! My Dad (Gene) bought this stalker over 30 years ago new! His kids (yea, me too) Beat it up pretty good. Sat in an old semi trailer that we use to store stuff in up north(Cadillac, MI) for about 15 years. I brought it home, went thru the engine,trans, fixed it up and added a home made roll bar to it. The roll bar is designed to carry our collapsible ice fishing shanty and gear. The photos are out on Lake St. Clair March 23rd 2003. Dad should get a kick out of this! Thanks for the great site!!!!! Rick Chownyk St.Clair Shores, MI. PHOTO set

Here are 5 PHOTOS of the Copper Ridge Amphibious Jamboree 2004. I didn't take many pictures because everyone else was and I figured someone would post them for me to see.
2 pictures are of the Dice Run winners
1 picture is of Dave Copeland's Attex springer
1 picture is my wife and I in the pond
The Attex group shots are machines belonging to
Lance Dolfi 400 Chief, 500 Superchief
Dave Copeland ST 400, 500 Superchief
Don Kinyon 2 500 Superchiefs,450 Tomahawk
Mike Cummings ST 400, ST 503 (Rotax)
Joe Haser 26 HP Kohler fuel injected
Thanks Lance Dolfi

Tory Gardner sends in a few Copper Ridge Photo's from the July 2004 aatv Rally of my Customized Black and Red Max 2 for you to display PHOTO set . Thanks Tory Gardner

Nice sunset photo of a AATV being used to the full. PHOTO

Hey Richard here are some PHOTOS of my 2001 max II. Mainly just bummin' around, havin' fun! Thanks, Bill Entringer

Richard, Here are some PHOTOS of a the maxII my brother and myself have been fixing up. Notice the custom
rollcage. Mark Cheramie Larose, LA

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