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I stock, wheels, tires, clutchs, engines, trans, belts ,bearings, cable and most any other part.


Russ Abbott's Single engine Jiger.

ATTEX winter scene John Bushinski said "Bring your shovel"

Brent Hill's MAXII outfitted for night driving. WATCH OUT for him on the trails in Ohio!

Ron House's new MAX 4; The true story of the Chili Pepper.

Check out this 6x6 built out of two Suzuki Quads; it is 6 wheel drive with electric steering! No it will not float!

C.A. Sarrazin's three TERRA JETS. He has a 1970, 1972 and a 1974. Looks like the whole family rides!

Richard Cherwaks CUSHMAN TRACKSTER in original colors. Ready to rock and ROLL!

The Mike Schnell Family with friends. Blow the horn and get out of the way!

More information on the new JUNGLE ATV from Theunis Lombard: Photo #1, Photo #2. UPDATE ON JUNGLE 6x6 We had a major disaster area in that the wheel rims (standard 6x6 rims) in that they could not take the torque being applied (49131.68 ft lbs). The rims twisted and tore off the wheel hubs. We are not surprised as we could wheel spin all six wheels on grass surfaces at pull off. At idle we can do a 360 degree doughnut in 2,7 mtrs (8,8 ft) the length of the Jungle Vehicle (One side in reverse with the other side in forward) We also had the experience of the tyre twisting on the rim. We have subsequently re-designed the rims and awaiting some for trials. Contact: Thanks for a good site Richard.

Todd Mueller 's (of COOT WORLD fame) Good looking Max 4 and Coot. Photo #1, #2, #3 and #4.

Steve Carrett's Australian ATTEXS. A Thunder Chief with gauges on the dash! And a 500 Super Chief LI"L Truck with factory windshield. Steve said "These Attexs are the only known ones in Australia". Are there any other "Mates" out there with ATV's in Australia? If so please write to 6x6TALK.

Barry Nicholson's Max II: "It has a trolling motor mount on back and bungee chords for grassing during duck season.I took this pic while out doing some nature photography".

Dick Gaudet's Home Built ATV! In Dick's words " This is an AWESOME machine. The body is hand laid fiberglass. The gentleman who built this vehicle made the mold to lay the body and top. The driveline is a 1300cc Subaru engine mounted to a VW transaxle. Has #60 chain and 1.25 stainless steel axles".

Richard Clark's new Attex 252 Colt. For you who have been asking to see what a new Attex looked like, here it is! This Attex 252 Colt is brand new, never had gas in it. The Colt was powered by a JLO 252cc engine. This model was very dependable. Attex sold fairly large numbers of them in the years 1971-1975. They were smooth and pretty quiet. They only had 10hp with pull start only. The weight was very light at about 400lbs. Performance was excellent. They were equipped with a T-20 transmission. Attex sold most of them for less than 1200$ (in the 1970's), therefore many people were introduced to ATVing with an Attex Colt!

Brent Hites' new toy! An ATTEX 400 Chief. The body is molded in the rare green color! Check it out.

Richard Walsh of Walsh & Co fame, wrote "SCOT-TRACK Glenalmond 8x8 ATV, Kubota Turbo Diesel with hydrostatic drive, weighing in at 750kg rather heavier than an ARGO, however, very versatile and with single "joystick" control for any direction and contra-rotation control!"

All Terrain Vehicles were so HOT in the early 1970's, even toy makers built them. Check out the TONKA .

Here is a neat photo of Nicolas et Marie Chantal taken in a TERRA JET around 1981 he was 9 at the time! Photo taken in Quebec, Canada. Cool!

A newpaper article on Tim O'Keefe's rescue of a hunter. Article: Page 1, Page 2.

Let all be friends! A cool photo sent in by Rick Carroll. "If these two can get along and ride together why is it such a big deal for a FEW on Route 6x6?" Well said Rick!

Here is a cool ATV. Sent in by Christian Briere! Thanks

Joel Haslett said: "I don't know if anyone would appreciate a little humor to go with some of the Max Vs. Argo debate. ( I don't want to get involved in that ,not owning either one.)Or some of the rumors of an 8x8 Max . The first picture shows an experimental Max seen at Humphery last summer.Each unit drives all 6 wheels but the units are connected by a differential to take advantage of the best of both systems. The next picture compares ODG to RI. If you need power and size there is no comparison. P.S. Post at your discretion ,I thought someone might get a laugh." thanks Joel

Many of us have a connection from when we first saw an ATV. Here is the reason why Harry John Dusseau III became interested in All Terrain Vehicles. What are your memories?

Joel Haslett's new toy: "I recently got a Caribou tracked ATV. I am looking for any information on it. I haven't found any I.D. tag on it ,just the name "Caribou" on each side of the hood. It is about 3 feet wide and has 2 rubber tracks that are 10 inches wide". PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2, PHOTO 3.

David Perkins states: "Here is some PHOTOS of a 1974 Play Cat ,It has a 400cc two stroke engine two one foot wide tracks.A aluim. body but i don't know if it will float,but it is great in the snow. It was made in canada and is a lot of fun in the snow and keeps a smile on the little guy.Love the site keep up the good work" thanks David

"PHOTO of my Attex 500 Superchief. Although it's a lousy photo, my hopes are to take new pictures as I restore it. This is how It looked when I picked it up. It has the original Chaparral 484cc engine and runs great". Richard G. Small Jr.

An unknown reader send in pictures of an OTTER "1972 Ferret with plow and hydros.PHOTO the one with a cab has 2 foot wide tracks and is a one af kind. the other PHOTO of a 1966 ranger" Looks a bit commerical to me! Thanks

Tim Wafer found this cool Alsport Tracker at auction. He now set out to restore it. PHOTO

Here is a PHOTO of the ATV from the program SPACE 1999 The vehicle is in a Motor Museum in Europe.The vehicle has been in storage and has never been shown at the museum. Only seen it once and I managed to grab a quick picture of it. Unfortunately I couldn't get any detailed shots. Enjoy

Home made Chev half track and M-29- Weasel. I love to make things here is two of my go any where vehicles I would like to share with all the ROUTE6x6 readers, PHOTO sent in from Lance. Wow!!! The half track sure looks cool!

The Chariot from Lost in Space was mentioned in a post earlier. I dug out the card my toy came in and scanned it. I had to clean up the PHOTO a bit, but it turned out pretty cool. Makes a neat wallpaper! ? What do you think the special effect guys made the Chariot from??? Looks sorta like two Cat-A-Gators welded together, with a new cab section fabricated/welded on. Or perhaps its one of those weird old tracked ski lodge thingies, all re-worked. Maybe someone out there might know the true story behind this far-out ATV concept. Thanks again for such a cool site. Harry Dusseau

Marc Stobinski sent in PHOTOS of the URBAN RAMBO GETAWAY VEHICLE: "Saw this Hustler @ the Humphrey ride it was equipped with 2 floats stored on the back rack and used on drop down out riggers attached to the windshield to stabilize it in water. It also had a 100-watt alternator to power the lights and the boosted CD player, CB, 300 watts of driving lights, GPS etc... Joe Herlihy (GI Joe) from New Hampshire owns/modified it. It tows an ATV trailer with all the necessary camping gear. I assume it has a wet bar, butler etc.. " Thanks Marc!

The following PHOTOS are some cages that I've recently designed & built. The Max 4 900T is still scheduled to have some additional work and accessories added, then I'll add a winshield , top , winch and cargo racks. Merry Christmas ! Kyle Vogt

Both Tim Wafer and a John in Canada sent in PHOTOS of John Doolr's machine called a Grizzly made by Trans-Tec in Canada.There was a 16-wheel and 24-wheel model apparently made in the 80Ős sometime according to his post.

From John Bushinski: The Max is my 1999 Max IV 600-T with Argo tracks. I had to use 18-9.50-8 Turf Tamers to run the Argo standard tracks, and the front tires are 22-11-8 Rawhide 3s. This set-up worked fine in the snow. PHOTO

Mr Bradford's "MUDD MACHINE" This is my Hustler it has a 20 hp Kohler engine with dual wheels and dual tracks. It is the best mud machine ever! nothing can stop it ( maby a brick wall, maybe) PHOTO

1960 GIP-SEA from Philip Osborn, hope he restores it! PHOTO

Brad Garrow's ATTEX 208TT Looks New! PHOTO

Walter Thompson's 1972 Camel 295, needing work but still here! PHOTO

Bruce Cheshier sent in a neat PHOTO of a Tucker snow kitten made in 1959, '60, and '61. They were about $1,500.00 new and are now about $4,000.00 to $5,000.00. I have attached a picture of one we saw in Idaho.

Everyone seem to be interested in the ATTEX 8x8 Military machines, so here is an additional PHOTO

I thought Iwould show you a pic of my amphicat and tell you a little about it .I have owned it for about four months but i only rode it for 3 min.The reason is that it didnt have the right exhaust on it and i live in the suburbs of NJ . From what i read i dont think the stock exhaust was that much quieter. Iam working on a system with my friends from midas. I hope it works out . Mike: PHOTO

Here is several shots of a cherry amphicat, I purchased lately. It has just a little 12.5 hp mill, but she is a tough little mule! L.A. Philip Osborn PHOTO

COOT, COOT and more COOT! MAtt sends us in PHOTOS of his modified COOT, note the wheels and tires are much larger than stock, I bet he found that rust hole first time he went into water. Looks like fun, Additional PHOTO known as the "JEEP EATER" Thanks Matt

Dan Fletcher III send us PHOTOS of his SWAMP FOX. Thanks

John Maiolo: I seem to remember people on the discussion board talking about the MARSHMASTER. Well, we have one at the power company where I work. Here are some pics. It is powered by a 4 cylinder Detroit Diesel, notice the stainless steel muffler! Hydraulically driven by orbital motors, large wide tracks, outboard mounting bracket. This unit is made in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I just wish they would let me take it for a test drive, I only get to work on it! Side PHOTO, Track PHOTO, Inside PHOTO, engine PHOTO, and Closeup PHOTO Thanks John

Cool PHOTOS from Chris Roberts in PA of a nice TERRA TIGER The first PHOTO one is when I brought it home , it's leaving the truck . The second PHOTO a side shot .

Hey Richard, here a few PHOTOS of my ARGO after it AND the trailer parted ways with my truck, on the way home yesterday. The ARGO and trailer parted ways when it hit the ditch and when I saw it in the rear view mirror, it was executing a 1& 1/2, with a full twist. This evening after work I removed the front rack and the body just popped back into shape. After a wreck at about 50 mph it is fine and has absolutely no real damage. I just have to put the seats back in. These are truly TOUGH vehicles!!! Lets see a 4 wheeler do that!!! Thanks Chuck Rose

Ceck out this 8x8 Styer-Puch Haflinger. Now this would be a neat rig to have. Paul Kuntz

Glen Holladay sends in PHOTOS of a LAVCO of Houston Tx, Sure looks like a AGRO

Russian Tracked Military vehicle, is it an ATV?????? PHOTO

Mud Bug ATV, sure it is just a three wheeler, but if sure looks like fun PHOTO

You asked for it, here it is, more PAINTBALL fun, watch out it is a TANK, built out of a Scrambler PHOTO

here are some shots of my early 80's Swamp Fox next to my 2001 Max 2 500T. This thing will need to be gone threw from front to back, but from the short runs I've made it will be worth the time. I'll keep a before, during, & after photos of this project for all the other AATV people to see in the future. I have also threw in some pictures of the engine, rear cargo area, front seats and some pictures of the very sad welding of the sprockets to the axles the previous owner did. So far I have only been able to save 1 of the 3 axles I've pulled, but all I needed was 1 model axle to get the other axles made, I'll get back to you on that. Anyway you have a great web site and I hope to see my 6x6 pictures posted. Thanks Sheldon Berryhill

Pumpkin fun PHOTO

Nice site you have!! Here is a PHOTO of my amphicat which is in Calgary Alberta Canada Thanks.Ride on! David

Really cool photo of the early 1960's GATOR 6x6 vehicle. Thsi vehicle saw limited production, built in CANADA
as an early attempt towards a 6 wheeler, Note: Special wheels, tires also note different tread on rear tire, The haircut
really dates this PHOTO


Caimp Bailey built this really useful looking front end loader, base machine was a Sierra Trail Boss in which
ROUTE6x6 did a KOHLER COMMAND conversion, The conversion engine mount plates are available from RICHARD's
RELICS, NOTE Mr Bailey has even added front out riggers for stability, This Hydraulic front end loader conversion was
very complex. Caimp has indicated he may be willing to build others for sale: Contact him at 419-787-9805
Gereral PHOTO more detailed PHOTO, Excellent work Caimp!

DEATH OF A COOT: Route6x6 accquired this COOT in a trade, Machine was too rough to restore, see PHOTOS
so machine was cut up and taken to the scrap yard: see PHOTO. Its parts were saved so that other COOTS could live!

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