This page will contain a list of general off road stories sent in by ROUTE6x6 readers

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Short Descrpition
Bruce Flint
A true story about Copper River Delta in Cordova Alaska
Bubba Hunt
I know the troops will be glad to share their adventures.
I'm attaching one article I wrote for the "International Black Powder Association" magazine.
Bubba Hunt
Story of our 2004 moose hunt that I wrote for the "American Moose Foundation" magazine.
Bubba Hunt
Story of different types of Snow conditions
Chris Lauzon
Story of an river extraction
Robert Chesarek
Remembrances of an ATTEX ATV employee
Bubba Hunt
Places that you just don’t go
Bubba Hunt
"Repairing something??"
Bubba Hunt
The big one!
Bubba Hunt
Bear problem..........Big Bear problem
Bubba Hunt
Of Woman and Moose
Bubba Hunt
A message for today
Bubba Hunt
Preview of The Wilderness Trail written
by George "Budda" Hunt
George "Bubba" Hunt's book The Wilderness Trail can be purchased Here