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This section contains brochures, marketing material and other items which might be interesting or useful to ATV owners.

Alsport Tracker
Model GT-15 Photo of machine needing restoration (Thanks Lance Dolfi) PHOTO

AMF Sur-Trek

1971 PHOTO set



1970 Brochure (Thanks Charlie Pike)

Nice original AMPHICAT, shows what a good one one looks like! Thanks Steve Bath


1998 Brochure

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  • 8 I/C Product Slick (circa 1985)

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  • Early 1970's ARGO Brochure, featuring 6x6, 8x8 and Super Sports all Kohler 440 powered Thanks Don Kinyon

    Photos of an ARGO MAGNUM Late 1980's -mid 1990's Sent in by Marc Stobinski (Thanks)

    Photos of the optional Argo Alternator set up


    Attex Prototype MIAMI machine, late model test unit showing where the ATTEX machine was headed
    Note: The single joystick control, was electric over hydraulic drive.

    • Nice Side shot PHOTO
      Same shot as above but much larger to show detail (Note this image is 200k in size) PHOTO
      Front view showing concealed winch, note air intakes behide headlights PHOTO
      A cool photo of the MIAMI machine in action PHOTO
      Another action PHOTO Yes: ATTEX was headed in the right direction, only years to soon

    Early ATTEX Brochures around 1969 (Thanks Don Kinyon)

    SuperChief 500 Brochure

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  • LI'L Truck Tomahawk (circa 1988)

    ATTEX Brouchure covers 2 seater, 4 seater and Big Foot (circa 1982)

    Attex 1972 Promo Sticker

    Attex Dealer Newsletter May-June 1972

    Attex Dealer Newsletter July August 1972

    Attex Magazine ad from 1969 (note where exhaust exits body) Thanks John Colvin

    ATTEX did build an 8x8 It was sold to the military as a tank trainer. Many have returned to the general population. They were built around 1974, based on the 400 CHIEF powered by a JLO 400, sold complete with roll bar and 5 bolt hubs. They were three seater machine with one person up front as the driver. SIDE VIEW, FRONT VIEW, ENGINE VIEW and a second machine PHOTO

    Frame and driveline shots of Military trainer undergoing restoration in CA PHOTOS

    The list of ATTEX PHOTOS below will help you identify your machine, as ATTEX produced machines
    over a 20 year period. Many different model and styles were sold. Please look carefully as many changes
    are hard to see. I will be adding more and more PHOTOS to this section.  

    1972 CHIEF 400 with Kohler 2 cycle twin engine (Note:14" Disc parking brakes on Trans) PHOTO
    1969 Model 297 with JLO 297 engine and ATTEX POWER 5000 trans PHOTO
    1971-1985 Borg Warner T-20 Trans as used in these years of ATTEX's PHOTO
    Outside side view or 1968-69 ATTEX 207 PHOTO
    1978 Superchief in CAMO color (original) PHOTO
    1970 ATTEX 208 TT This machine has a 12HP Briggs engine PHOTO
    1971-78 400-440 Chief and Thunderchief engine shot,28-45HP engine PHOTO
    1972-1976 295 Wild Wolf engine shot with JLO 295 cc 21hp engine PHOTO
    1972-1978 252-295-400-440 Outside side shot, all these models shared the same body PHOTO
    Inside view 1972-85 ATTEX all models, (note the owner has changed the two control sticks) PHOTO
    SUPERCHIEF 500 inside engine and driveline view PHOTO
    ATTEX 297 with JLO 297 and POWER TRANS PHOTO
    ATTEX 297 outside view PHOTO
    440 THUNDERCHIEF engine view with JLO 440 twin carbs and T-20 trans PHOTO
    TOMMAHAWK being restored by Richard Clark and ROUTE6x6 PHOTO
    ATTEX 1971-1988 All models: drivers seat, dash and controls. PHOTO
    ATTEX TOMAHAWK 16hp TEC, general inside views PHOTO Thanks Gus Marrone
    ATTEX SUPER CHIEF outside view, PHOTO Thanks to John Bushinski
    ATTEX 1969 ST 300D with JLO 297 engine, nice overall shots of an original machine PHOTO
    ATTEX 400 Chief, nicest one I have seen in years PHOTO Thanks to Gus Marrone

    ATTEX TOMAHAWK LITTLE TRUCK General photos of the outside, note: wood pickup racks PHOTO
    ATTEX TOMAHAWK LITTLE TRUCK photos of the inside , note: Tec engine and inside exahust PHOTO

    Hi richard , here are some pics of my attex collection , hope you can use them on your site , from the right the first 6 are 500 superchief's, the one to the far left is my 450 tomahawk set up for tracks and factory attex plow , i am looking for the factory blade and a frame any info or specs would help , and the one in the center is my st 400 that is already used on your site . PHOTO set another set of close up PHOTOS from Gus Marrone

    Four PHOTO set of a ATTEX racer, used late model POLY body without a trans, just forward only
    most used large horsepower snowmobile engines, were used for motocross style racing, Really worthless for any use except for track racing. AATV racing exploaded on the scene for a couple of years, mostly in the states of PA and OH, then it died a FAST death, never to reappear again. For more information see ROUTE6x6 BLAST FROM THE PAST Section. I have
    available a VIDEO TAPE which shows approx. 20 min of this style of AATV racing see ROUTE6x6 SHOPPE Section Additional inside PHOTOS of the above racer

    Attex did build a small camper ment to pull behing your AATV. Check out these two cool Magazine articles both of which are located in ROUTE6x6's MEMORY LANE section. One call "Lets go ATV camping" the other called "ATV tent camping"

    Nice PHOTO set of the ATTEX CAMPER
    Thanks Lance Dolfi

    Remembrances of an ATTEX ATV employee.         See STORY

    Ever wonder what the old ATTEX factory looks like today, Now thanks to Bob Chesarek, we can. I Had to drive into PGH. today so I took the digital camera and took a few shots of the Glenshaw plant. Things sure have changed over the last 30 years. I don’t remember the big green addition to the building. Must have been added later. The yellow lettering up on the front says TRIANGLE MACHINE CO. That is Rt. 8 in front or Wm. Flynn Highway as it used to be called. The first 3 pictures are looking from the North bound lanes and the last from the South bound. Next time I get into the Lawrenceville section of the city I’ll try to get some shots of the UNITED building where the plant moved after they left Glenshaw. Thanks to you : Bob Chesarek PHOTOS

    Attex 400 Chief Custom Restoration PHOTO SET

    15 Shriners with ATTEX's on parade, Cool shots taken in 2002 in Iowa, The grroup has 15 units and ROUTE6x6
    helps keep them going...All started life a 295 Wild Wolfs, all now have been updated to Briggs Vanguards with modern
    wheel and tire sets. They use a double decker semi to have them all together. They attend many events per year.
    Machines are real quiet with good dependablity PHOTO set 1, PHOTO set 2, Note these are over 200k each

    Test, this is a test of the machine see here


    This Bazooo is a little diffrent from stock it has a 20 Hp Honda instead of a 12.5 Hp motor.

    1970's Factory Brochure Thanks Don Kinyon

    Beaver or Penguin
    Single ad PHOTO more to come soon.


    PHOTO of a restored CAMEL Thanks Greg Lucas

    1970's Factory Brochure


    1970's Factory Brochure (Thanks Vikki)

    Actual machine PHOTOS of an early JLO 295 equipped Chaparral: sent to us by Terry Crayne


    1970's Coot Factory Brochure (Thanks Peter Leonis)

    A COOT CASE HISTORY: A series of examples of the Coot at work. Check out all the options Coot had!

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      COOT SNOOPY 4 Wheel buggy
      Brochure and PHOTOS
      A little History of the Snoopy from George Carter "Here are photos and brochures of Coot's Funmobile line, Searcher,Snoopy, and Red Barron. I designed and built the prototypes in 1965 and sold them to Coot Industries in 1967. Coot manufactured about 2000 units before the company's demise in the late 60's. This was the first 2wd "mini" buggy design which eventually evolved into other four wheel ATVs. As I told you I'd like to find one for my collection." George Carter
    COOT TRACKS Offical COOT CLUB Newsletter1969
    Coot information, 4 are pages of Coot Tracks and the other is a letter from Coot. They were found in a box of old automotive literature in the attic of an old house that was being restored.
    Hope you enjoy them, Chuck Franz

    COOT TRACKS Page 1
    COOT TRACKS Page 2
    COOT TRACKS Page 3
    COOT TRACKS Page 4
    COOT promo letter

    Cushman Trackster

    A restored Cushman Trackseter:

    A nice updated old school Cushman Trackster PHOTO set, thans Pat Kukowski

    A magazine article is in the MEMORY LANE section of this ROUTE6x6 website

    See Terra Widcat section below for a Modern update of this classic machine

    EAGLE Also see above section called COOT as these two units were almost the same

    An Eagle that was owned by Richard Clark and ROUTE6x6, unit has been sold
    A original Eagle, sill carring its original parts PHOTO set
    Eagle with custom paint PHOTO set Thanks John Bakale


    Grip-Sea Brochure circa 1968 (Thanks Charlie Pike)


    Ad of this never seen again ATV! (Thanks Gary Harper)


    Late 1970's-1985 general shot, showing factory front and rear racks PHOTO
    Hustler 780 side view PHOTO
    Hustler 18hp Briggs IC engine, dates 1982-1985 all modles PHOTO
    Hustler 1980's parking disc brake on T-20 trans PHOTO
    Hustler early 1970's fiberglass body. Note some of these has the jet pump option PHOTO
    Hustler early 1970's fiberglass body with jet pump option PHOTO
    HUSTER late production 980 BIGFOOT restored by ROUTE6x6 and RICHARD'S RELICS

    Gus Marrone's 980 BIG FOOT HUSTLER PHOTO Set #1 and PHOTO Set #2

    1980 Brochure

    Factory Publicity shot of a mid year Hustler in the water, Yes it is in black and white! PHOTO
    Another Publicity shot of a mid year Hustler PHOTO

    Hustler New Dimensions in AATV performance Late model brochure. Nice PDF scan

    Hydrotrax Various outside shots of this hard to find modern machine. PHOTOS

    1970's Factory Brochure Thanks Don Kinyon Note: This ATV was designed, built by the famous IMP BOAT WORKS


    Jiger general advertising page. Thanks Kevin Percy

    Jiger Brochure circa 1968

    Jiger Brochure Verstrek era, which was last company who produced the JIGER Thanks Don Kinyon

    John Gower was the inventor of the ATV. He passed away a few years back: thanks Philip Osborn


    Wayne Edel Grandson of John Gower wants to share this story and PHOTO with us all, He is looking for more infomation
    to complete his families history:

    The Story:

    My name is Wayne Edel and I am one of the grandsons of the late John Gower, inventor of the first production ATV, The Jiger. But this is a history I have only been made aware of lately. Growing up on a farm in Southern Manitoba we never saw alot of 6 wheeled ATV's, but we had may off road vehicles of the 2 and 3 wheeled variety. The first one my Dad bought was the TRI-CAT. Built in Manitoba it ran on an 8hp Briggs & Stratton and had
    a belt & chain drive. It was very cool for a young kid like me. At this time my grandfather, John Gower was divorced from my grandmother and we heard he had made some kind of 6-wheeled ATV out in Toronto, but out of respect, we never asked much about it. It was only since my grandmother pasted on did we discuss more of the family history.
    Then I saw a picture of the Jiger for the first time. I have always been around motorized recreational vehicles, but this thing was different. It was like family. In a family history book my aunt put together, there were many great
    photos of the Jiger. I have spent much of my time since searching out info on the Jiger. Through this I have met some very nice Jiger owners who have helped me with my research with pictures and info. Thanks to all of you.
    My short-term goal is to put up a web site with factual and technical information about my Grandfather, the Jiger, and the Jiger Corporation history. My long-term goal is to fully restore a Jiger exactly as it would have been on the
    showroom floor and to have a Jiger on display in the Ottawa Transportation Museum. This is not only a fantastic piece of Canadian history, but it's a fundamental piece of ATV history. Any one with pictures (old or new) or info on JIGERS and that would like to help, you can EMAIL me. I also want to support anyone who wants to restore Jigers if I can, but if you have one rotting in you back yard, let me know.

    Thanks to Richard Clark for all your info and help.

    PHOTO 1 Jiger Factory
    PHOTO 2 John Grower holding an engine
    PHOTO 3 Lady ridding over a man with a Jiger
    PHOTO 4 US ARMY test mule Jiger
    PHOTO 5 Jiger Jumping

    NEWS PAPER ARTICLE 1 Toronto Star May 8th 1970
    NEWS PAPER ARTICLE 2 Toronto Star Nov 8th 1969
    NEWS PAPER ARTICLE 3 Toronto Star May 16th 1969

    Wayne Edel
    Winnipeg Manitoba

    Inside Photos of a late model Hydo Jiger, note: machine in NOT complete, less engine and much more. PHOTOS

    Really cool MOVIE " This was filmed at the Jiger Corp. factory in Rexdale ON. Canada. This was during the late 60's. I was not in this film but i did quite a bit of the testing back then. I did make it onto the cover of the Breton Versatrek brochure. That was late 69 early 70." Sent in by Rick Payne

    Nice photo set of a excellent original KIDD Thanks Gus Marrone Note: These are large images


    2004 MAX Full color easy to read brochure, Note: These are large images in file size

    2001 MAX Brochure:

    Model year 2001 MAX has introduced a new CAMO color on the bodies:

    Model year 2001 MAX II 800-T Just introduced:

    NEW 20 HORSEPOWER KOHLER-POWERED MAX II-800T THE MOST POWERFUL TWO-PASSENGER SIX-WHEELER ON THE MARKET ....ALSO THE QUIETEST FEATURES INCLUDE... Kohler Command 20 horsepower, 624cc engine with hydraulic valve lifters for low maintainence and an accelerator pump on the carburetor for quick throttle responce. This is the same engine that powers our MAX IV-800T and Buffalo Truck. A stout 32 ft. lbs. of torque is generated at 2500 rpm. Re-designed engine bay makes the vehicle extremely quiet. New muffler arrangement offers a full 12 decibel noise reduction. The muffler is inside the body of the vehicle instead of being tucked under the rear fender area, so the vehicle is considerably quieter and the muffer will not get caked up with debris. Airflow is routed through internal ductwork; cool air enters one side of the vehicle and hot air exits on the other side, resulting in better cooling to the engine, the exhaust system, as well as the entire engine compartment. Screens are provided on all air vents to minimize debris entering the vehicle. Re-designed cargo area. The cargo area now has a flat floor accross the width of the vehicle, rather than having a raised engine cover on one side with a lowered floor on the other. The engine cover now consists of a flush-mounted hatch that is secured with 1/4 turn screws. The standard cargo rail encompasses the entire cargo area.

    Engine area showing new features: PHOTO
    Top of Body including Cargo Rail: PHOTOAnother larger, Top of body shot: PHOTO

    Order one today from your local MAX dealer!
    Nice Job RI: Richard Clark

    Large 1999 Brochure

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  • Trackmax
  • Large Max and RIM Brochure from the early 1970's (Thanks Bob German)

    Front and rear skid plates factory installed on a MAX IV PHOTO

    Lets tour the MAX ATV Factory PHOTO SET Thanks Recreatives Industries Note: This image is over210K

    Read the newpaper article about "ATVS IN AFGHANISTAN"

    Max II in action with factory snow plow PHOTO

    MAX IV machine restored by ROUTE6x6 and RICHARD'S RELICS
    Machine started life as a 1999 model. This unit has our upgrade reconditioning.
    Steam cleaned perfect body, all metal parts sandblasted and painted. New parts include O-ring chain, bearings, idlers, brake pads, discs, wiring, cables, belt, clutchs, engine mounts, exhaust, Kawasaki engine, machine hardware. switchs, guages, brake cables ect. T-20 trans fully rebuilt by us. A NEW Kawasaki 27hp water cooled engine. and more..... PHOTOS machine being restored
    Upgrades include our ROUTE6x6 kit to firmly hold trans in frame, and ROUTE6x6's MAX IV shift improvement kit. PHOTO set, machine completed.

    Mud Puppy

    Brochure of the Mud Puppy ATV (This is the same brochure they have used for years.) thanks Timothy Wafer.


    Muscateer ad circa. 1970 PHOTOS

    1970's Muscateer Factory Brochure (Thanks Don Kinyon)

    Photos of a Muscateer needing restoration: PHOTO set

    Passe Par Touta
    Passe Par Tout Canadian built twin 12" tracked atv. It
    was built in Quebec in 1974 and is very similar to the Trackster. It has a
    400cc twin engine holds 3 people and tows 100 lbs.parta 1970 PHOTOS
    ,thanks Tim Wafer

    Power Trac

    Power Trac ATV-6000 1997 Brochure

    see Beaver

    • Photo of early 12 HP Tecumseh engine, PUG needing restoration, Thanks Richard Brengmam


    Brochure of the Raidtrac All Terrain Vehicle. thanks Christian Briere


    Brochure of the rare Ridgerunner All Season Vehicle (circa 1971)

    Photo of my personal machine


    Scrambler Brochure

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    Small Sales Brochure  
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
    • Early 1970's Factory Brochure (Thanks Vikki)
      Front Cover
      Back Cover

      Late 1977's Factory Brochure
      SCRAMBLER 6 Specifications
      Late 1977's Factory Brochure
      SCRAMBLER Super Hunter Specifications
      Late 1977's Factory Brochure
      SCRAMBLER 4 or Got'cha Specifications

      Scrambler GOT'CHA Factory Black and white PHOTO
      Scrambler GOT'CHA 5 Photo Black and white literature set PHOTO
      Scrambler 6x6 Factory Black and white PHOTO
      Scrambler GOT'CHA 2 page brochure Thanks Matt Tidwell

      Story ot Scrambler (as of 1978) Story

      Late 1978 Gold 6x6 literature Cover PHOTO and the back side with full specifications back PHOTO

      Factory Accessories PAGE 1
      Factory Accessories PAGE 2 Note: Reverse motor
      Factory Accessories PAGE 3 Note: Bleed gun

    Restorable SCRAMBLE GOTCHA ready for repair

    Another SCRAMBLER GOTCHA waiting for restoration

    I recently found an Active Age Gotcha for sale just a few miles from my house. It was in pretty rough shape and had been sitting in a barn for fifteen years, but with a little effort it's usable once again. Here's some pictures of it for your site if you'd like to use them. Thanks to Don Kinyon

    Brochure of a Sidewinder All Terrain Vehicle. thanks Don Kinyon

    PHOTO of a original Sidewinder Thanks to John Bushinski


    PHOTO Hey Richard! Here are a few pictures of my restored SKIPPER. I found it in an open garage and it had been there for approx. 7 to 8 years. I brought it home and found the chains and bearing cap were in poor shape. There was no seat or exhaust. I figure the motor was original, the rings were seized to the piston, I pumped automatic transmision oil into the cylinder and about a week later the rings popped, I rebuilt carb and after about 30 years the motor is running fine. I added an electic starter, built a roll cage, repaired cracks and painted, put on a new seat. The pictures show you what she looks like now.


    Photo set of nice original SOFARE

    Brochure of the Sofare All Terrain Vehicle. thanks Jeff Gearhart

    Special Products Division SPD

    1972 Brochure of the "Wedge"

    Photo set of an original SPD Wedge with factory rollbar and jet pump option PHOTO SET


    Early 1970's STALKER outide general shots Thanks Rick Chownyk


    1971 Sale pictures: thanks Kevin Percy


    Struck ATV Kit (Thanks Gary Harper)


    1997 Brochure

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  • Swamp Fox

    PHOTOS showing some details along with a size comparrison to a MAX II (Thanks Sheldon Barryhill)

    A restored SWAMP FOX PHOTOS owned and restored by John and Jerry Keen

    Here are some pics of a Super Swamp Fox.

    PHOTOS of an SWAMP FOX needeing restoration

    PHOTO of an SWAMP FOX with a snow plow

    A Super SWAMP FOX durning restoration PHOTOS

    A mid year Swap Fox PHOTO Set


    Brochure of a TerraJet All Terrain Vehicle. thanks Christian Briere

    Terra Tiger

    Terra Tiger ad featuring deer hunting PHOTO

    1971 Brochure

    Terra Wildcat

    Terra Wildcat, modern update of the Cushman Trackster idea

    2004 Brochure

    Sierra Trail Boss

    Popular Science Nov 69 article on the "new" Trail Boss (thanks Don Edge)

    Sierra's other product!

    1972 Trail Boss Brochure

  • Outside
  • Inside

    View of the Sierra inside machine, rear shot of the twin transmissions PHOTO

  • Triton

    1997 Predator Brochure

  • Front
  • Back

  • General Information section

    Various pictures and information from 1973. All these pictures are in black and white.