Gene Caber                                New ATV idea
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I've visited Route 6x6 many times over the years and youns have my kind of
My name is Eugene Caber "Gene". I live in central PA and have a passion for all
terrain vehicles. I like the typical 4 wheelers (Honda, Suzuki, Yahama etc) but my
main interest is tracked all terrain vehicles, especially the smaller ones.
Additionally I like crawler tractors and tracked military vehicles. Tracks are the
common denominator.
Right now I cannot afford to do anything more than draw what I wish I could
I'll attach a couple simple drawings to this message of what I wish I could build.
Over the years I've seen some interesting tracked all terrain vehicles in movies.
The first was in The Naked Gun 2 1/2. The police used a "small" tracked vehicle
like a tank.
I have no idea who makes such a vehicle. You have any idea?
The second was in a movie called "Born American". Some American college
students vacationing near the Russian border inadvertently cross over into
Russian territory. Some Russian soldiers go searching for them on a tracked
vehicle that looks something like a big tracked motorcycle. The rode on it, not in
it. Any idea about this?

In the least I introduced myself and my interest.


Gene Caber