Tim Mueller                           ARGO Custom Mower
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Hi Richard,
I thought you might like to post these pics on Route 6x6. They are pics of my '99 Bigfoot with its custom built 62 inch decked mower. The mower is powered by a Briggs 14 hp twin, is adjustable for height, mows with three blades which are turned on and off (the electric clutch) from a switch on the dash of the Bigfoot. I use it to mow the pasture and in between the reprod (10 year old Douglas fir trees planted close together) on my small farm here in Oregon. Since all the power goes directly to the blades, this thing sounds like a turboprop plane taking off when you engage the blades! Needless to say there isn't much it won't mow through. I don't get to play with the Bigfoot as much as I use it for working my place, but it sure makes the work a lot more fun. As much as I'd like to take credit for building the mower, I can't. My dad built it for me from the ground up and did a real professional job. The only money we have into it is the $140.00 we spent on the blades, bearings and belt, all the other parts were salvaged from two derelict riding lawn mowers and an old hay rake (never underestimate the resourcefulness of a retired farmer!). There's also a 25
gallon sprayer with an 8 foot boom on the back that he built as well. I'd
be happy to answer any questions anyone might have. Keep up the great work on the site! Tim Mueller Sodaville, Oregon