Mike Abby       Starcraft and others

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These are photos of my starcraft,serial #1006.I found it engine and trans less not to mention no wheels ,but my first ride in a swamp buggy as we called them,was from OMAR CRUPE then president of starcraft .He used to spin cats on our ice ponds in the winter ,MAN WHAT FUN! Well needless to say i found this one,I had to have it.my first ride in the mud was hosted by Ron sweet up in michigan ,well i found all the things i scrimped on failed .So all sprockets and chain where replace with #50.2nd ride was in attica things where better no major malfunctions,3rd ride was humphry 2002,i made it but even with the 440 i was struggling up
hills,so my next inprovment will be 4stroke engine

Well i just had to have a wedge,they look neat,and being a teen in the muscle car era,the kawasaki green,roll bar ,air scoops and rear louvers just got the best of me,well i got one and it was silver and red one busted axle,a split body from a impact on something that didnt move,and i wasnt done with yhe starcraft yet,what was i thinking! 1st thing i had to do get rid of the insane color.it took 4 days of sanding to get the silver and red off.i needed the original gel underneath so if i got a scratch on the new paint i dosnt realy show,i had to do some extensive body work on front of hull fight frnt corner was crushed and the resine was u.v ed out of the glass and top and bottom seperated.so we hoisted it up like a big dead
fish and did the body work.the seat and floor panel didnt need much had to replace the front left axle with 1.187 stressproof had the end machined to fit the new 3/4 bearing in the hull,had to replace front chains i had left over from a scrambler-b7 amphicat adventures,i got some rims and tires in a trade but the parts wedge i bought has much better tires on it for a 6x6.so that coming as well as a 16hp 4 stroke,i also had to dig into the transmission and do some machining there i have been working on and off on wedge 3yrs now and havnt riden it yet but that day is coming soon. mike abbey