Don Kinyon                       Project BUDRACER
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I made the mistake at the Ledges weekend of letting my oldest boy, Bud (13) drive the McKay racer. All I heard after that was talk of building one for him, so we set out to do it on deadline for the CMATVA rodeo and on a budget by necessity. It didn't turn out pretty, but it runs pretty well and he had a blast at the rodeo. So here is how it went.........



Started as a Attex project my boys and I put together for my oldest son to compete with at the 2008 Philipsburg ATV Rodeo. We didn't have a lot of time, and the ATV budget is limited as I'm sure it is with most of us, so we improvised. I had several "project" machines and quite a few extra parts, so we put together the Attex based on what was available to us. We started with a "junk" Superchief that I picked up locally with plans of one day restoring it. The top half of the Superchief was badly damaged and butchered, so we substituted a Wild Wolf top; The engine is a Kawasaki 440 that was in the SC when it came to us. We bent up some bars for it and used a second-hand plastic bucket seat from a drag car. A friend gave us a suspension pedestal for the seat and it helped a lot with the ride. A straightened and trued frame, rebuilt T20, new bearings, new chains, and a few other odds & ends completed the project. The 440 turned out to be a great powerplant and ran great. My son used the Attex to compete and had a ball doing it. He didn't win, but made a good showing. It took 39 days for the project from start to finish, but to date we still haven't sanded down the body to make it look good. That will be the next project!

Thanks Don and Bud