Eddie Chace                   Custom  Max II Restoration
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ROUTE6x6 , I wanted to share the pics of my max2 with you.I really want to thank you for all your help that you have given me on the phone.I have a long ways to go still.Im learning to weld on this beast so bear with me ok.LOL.I still have to build the roll cage & racks but you can get the idea where Im going with this thing.No its not heavy with the new tires & all the metal.I added 170 ponds. to the hole car.but its all tied into one piece so its strong.Oh Its me(Eddie) down here in Tx.(axles)remember.???the tires are 25x12x9 mud bugs.

The winch 3000 goes on front & can be put on the back by pulling one pen.The roll cage is the European roll cage but mine will have a bill off the front top about 6 ''then one below it so that I can put my off road lights up and out of the way & they will be protected & caged in so to speak.I built the brush guard like the old Warn winch for trucks to protect the winch.the top of the brush guard has a bar that goes to the front of the roll cage on the sides.Then the front rack sits on it and is tied in together.It will be real rigged but light.Yes you can still lift up the back end to get in side if you need to.The body I tried to paint but no luck so now Im going to use vinyl the kind that they use on trucks ,trailers and so on .I hope you know what I am talking about. (Deepcreekcamo.com)

Im low on money right now but next is the axles & bearings then new 50 sprockets for the drive & chain which I need a price for please.So tell me what you think so far.It will be a mean hog getting, mud slinging 6x6.I want to thank you & Mike for all your help & I hope I can call again for more advice.You can use the pics if you like for your web.

Later,Eddie Chace


Here is a movie of my machine VIDEO Eddie Chace