Supacat 6x6 1900 T - Technical Specification


The Supacat has permanent six wheel drive (6x6) with the front four wheels (two axles) steered conventionally (Ackerman) by using a rotating handlebar arrangement. These handlebars also operate the steering brakes (inboard discs) which act independently on each side of the vehicle giving brake (skid) steering. The Supacat is diesel powered and driven through a torque convertor, three forward and one reverse ratio automatic gearbox and a single differential. Twin output shafts transmit the drive to the two drop gear reduction boxes, which carry the inboard disc brakes. The centre axle is shaft driven direct from the drop gearbox. The centre axles carry the outboard, foot pedal operated disc brakes which are effective on all wheels. The final drive to the front and rear wheels is by heavy duty one inch (1") pitch duplex chains. The Supacat is built around a steel rectangular hollow section (RHS) chassis frame which forms the entire shape of the vehicle and to which all components and attachments are fitted. The 'body' of the Supacat is made from graded aluminium and forms a hull which enables the vehicle to float and protects the majority of mechanical components. The `belly plate' is of 5mm hardened aluminium.

ENGINE - 1900 Turbocharged

Make                  - Volkswagen 
Type                  - ADE 1.9
Fuel                  - diesel
Cylinders             - four (4)
Displacement          - 1896 cc
Bore & Stroke         - 79.5 x 95.5 mm
Compression ratio     - 23:1
Injection system      - indirect
Injection pump type   - DIP - JG3 Bosch ( auto air bleed )
Turbo charge pressure - 0.60 - 0.83 bar
Power                 - 58 Kw (78  bhp) @ 4000 rpm 
Max torque            - 164 Nm (121 lbs/ft) @ 1850 rpm 
Max engine speed      - 5200 rpm
Valve arrangement     - overhead hydraulic tappets.
Cooling               - pressurised liquid, mechanical fan.
                      - water/oil coolers, engine and gearbox


Type                - Diesel ( Summer or Winter as required )
Option              - Diesel + Petrol up to 30% maximum,  > - 25C 
                    - Avtur FS 11 (F - 34) may be used but it will
                      reduce engine life and invalidate the warranty.


Type                - Dry, paper element


Make                - Volkswagen / Audi
Type                - Automatic 089
Ratios              - 2.71 / 1.50 / 1.00 / R 2.43:1

TORQUE CONVERTER - (Integral with gearbox)

Ratio               - Maximum conversion ratio 2.5


Make                - Volkswagen / Audi
Ratio               - 3.25 : 1

DROP GEARBOXES - (Two, one each side)

Make                - Supacat
Ratio               - 3.37 : 1


Make                - Supacat 
Type                - Chain driven from centre axle, one on each
                      side of vehicle with steerable hub.


Make                - Supacat
Type                - Common to drop gearboxes, shaft driven 
                      steerable hub with disc brake.


Make                - Land Rover - Supacat uprated.
Type                - 90 /110


Make                - Supacat
Type                - Chain driven solid shaft running in two chassis
                      mounted  bearings, one each side of vehicle.


Type                - 1" pitch duplex, tensioned by adjustable idler
                      gear, four identical chains per vehicle.

STEERING - (Ackerman)

Make                - Supacat 
Type                - Handle bar operated, power assisted

STEERING - (Brake)

Make                - Supacat / AP.
Type                - Handlebar operated hydraulic, onto inboard
                      discs, one per side controlling all wheels on
                      that side through transmission.


Make                - Supacat / AP                        
Type                - Foot pedal operated hydraulic onto outboard Land
                      Rover 110 discs, one per side controlling all
                      wheels through transmission.


Type                - Transmission lock integral with gearbox.


Type                - Low pressure tyres.


Power               - 12 volt
Alternator          - 65 amp
Battery             - 66 amp hour
Starter motor       - 1.8 Kw
Radio suppression   - optional


                    - horn, lights, indicators, rear fog light, cold
                      start, hazard warning, (bilge pumps, convoy
                      lights, winch, winch/intervehicle start power
                      plug, auxiliary lights, auxiliary poweroutput)
                      (Option - FLPT power and control output)


                    - Head, side, tail, brake, indicators, to UK road
                      legal requirements.
                    - Trailer socket optional, 7 pin, NATO 12 pin,
                      or as required.


                    - Tachometer, coolant temperature, fuel level,
                      engine hours.


Type                - Steel centre and reinforced rim
Size                - 13 x 15


Size                - 31 x 15.5 x 15 (Section width 389mm, O/D 788mm)
Ply rating          - 4 ply
Tubes               - Tubed or tubeless
Make                - Avon `Tredlite' or Goodyear `Wrangler'
Construction        - Cross ply
Sealant             - Optional in tubeless


Chassis frame       - Welded steel rectangular hollow section of
                      various dimensions. This incorporates lifting /
                      towing points which may be used for helicopter
                      underslinging. Parts of the frame are accessible
                      and may be used for the attachment to and / or
                      support of additional equipment. Load securing
                      points are also incorporated.

Body panels         - Aluminium plate of various grades of hardness
                      and thickness according to position and duty.
                      Some are riveted onto the frame, others are
                      removable. Some GRP is also used.
Belly plate         - One piece, 5mm 'half hard' aluminium plate
                      extending from the front panel, under the
                      entire vehicle to just below the tailgate. 

N.B.                - This method of construction forms a hull which
                      allows an open top Supacat to float.


                    - Towing attachments may be fitted below the tail
                      gate (height 410mm / 16") or to the optional
                      heavy duty tailgate (640mm / 25"). The standard
                      attachment is a 50mm ball universal hitch on the
                      lower position. NATO or equivalent hitches may
                      also be fitted as required.
                      Two (2) lifting/towing 'eyes' are fitted both at
                      the front and rear of the Supacat as standard.


                    - The Supacat is capable of producing
                      approximately 2 tonnes of drawbar
                      pull in ideal conditions.


                    - Fuel            50 litres (11 galls)
                    - Engine oil      4.5 litres
                    - Coolant         10 litres
                    - Front axle      0.5 litre (each)	  	  
                    - Drop gearbox    1.25 litres (each)
                    - Chassis lube    2 litres
                    - Gearbox         2.5 litres					
                    - Differential    0.75 litres
                    - Power steering  2 litres


                    - Only the principal dimensions are listed -
                      please see 'Supacat Dimension Sheet' for more
                      detail. All dimensions in millimetres (mm).

                    - Overall length,    3335 (minimum)
                    - Overall length,    3440 (with NATO hitch)  
                    - Overall width,     2000 (wheel to wheel)
                    - Overall width,     1870 (vehicle structure)  
                    - Maximum height,    1895 (open vehicle)
                    - Maximum height,    2010 (cabbed vehicle)
                    - Minimum height,    1210 (non cabbed folded)
                    - Wheel base,        1846
                    - Wheel track        1601 (centre to centre)
                    - Platform height,   940 
                    - Load area,         1445 x 1870
                    - Ground clearance   215 (on wheels)
                    - Ground clearance   316 (on tracks)
                    - Angle of approach  57 degrees
                    - Angle of departure 58 degrees
                    - Ramp length,       2690 (optional extra)
                    - Height of two Supacats stacked & folded 2150
                    - Fording depth laden approximately 860 mm
                    - Unladen vehicle floats at approximately 700 mm
                      depth of water.


                    - Basic Supacat          - 1690 Kgs (calculated)
                    - ATMP                   - 1800 Kgs (090)
                    - Soft Top Range Special - 1810 Kgs (071)  
                    - Hard Top               - 2140 Kgs (083)


                    - Winch kit              - 50  kgs  
                    - Ramps                  - 26  kgs each
                    - Spare wheel            - 41  kgs 
                    - CES kit                - 25  kgs approx
                    - FLPT (trailer)         - 457 kgs
                    -  tonne trailer        - 280 kgs


                    - This ability is limited but the Supacat will
                      float without preparation Bilge pumps are
                      available as optional equipment. An outboard
                      motor can be fitted to the tailgate. Only open
                      top Supacats can be floated. Load limited to 
                      300 kgs plus driver.


                    - N.B. The following figures are for guidance
                      only, performance will vary according to vehicle
                      specification and prevailing conditions.

                    - Maximum speed       64 kph (40 mph) 
                    - Speed range infinitely variable, 0 - max,
                      full torque at zero speed.
                    - Gradability         100% (45 degrees) 
                    - Fuel consumption
                    - Drawbar pull        2.0 tonnes (estimated)
                    - Payload             1.0 tonne (normal)
                                          1.4 tonnes (maximum)
                    - Fording depth       860 mm (34 inches, laden)
                    - Floating depth      710 mm (28 inches, unladen)
                    - Load when floating  300 kgs. (open vehicle only)
                    - Stability in excess of 50 degrees, static
                      unladen in all directions.
                    - Turning circle diameter kerb to kerb
                                          Ackerman - 14.35 m
                                          Braked   -  4.8 m

TRACKS - (optional extra)

Type - Full         -  Supacat single pin jointed rubber belt with
                       rubber moulded cleats fixed by bolts.
                       Approximate effective ground contact area
                       500 mm x 2306 mm per track.
     - Half Track   -  Under developement, rubber half track with
                       steerable front axle.

WINCH - (optional extra)

Type                - Warn 8000  /  Superwinch Husky
Pull (first layer)  - 3636 kgs   /  3850 kgs
Cable diameter      - 8 mm       /  8 mm	
Cable length        - 24 metres  /  45 metres 
Power supply        - 12 volt direct from vehicle's battery
Location            - centre (standard), front or rear of vehicle
                      by fitting to lifting / towing eyes.


                    - The Supacat may be lifted by a fork lift with
                      the forks between the wheels and acting on the
                      bellyplate. The vehicle may be hoisted by the
                      load restraint frame which is at the
                      longitudinal centre of gravity. The front and
                      rear lifting / towing eyes may also be used.


                    - The lifting / towing eyes may be used for
                      helicopter underslinging and are approved by
                      JATE. There are optional 'parachute brackets'
                      designed to take parachuting loads direct into
                      the vehicle frame. The vehicle is normally
                      parachuted on an MSP (Medium Stresed Platform)
                      but other schemes are under development.
                      Supacats may be underslung individually or in
                      pairs side by side or as a group of four side by
                      side with no additional preparation. Supacats
                      may be flown 'stacked' as an internal load and
                      are designed to fold down and with optional
                      ramps, to selfstack. Supacats may be flown
                      underslung laden as a netted load only.
                      Supacats can be transported as internal loads by
                      helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as palleted
                      or drive in loads.