Memory Lane: Magazine articles from the early days
Some of these articles are very hard to read, but I scanned them the best I could:
Dune Buggy and Fun Cars (PDF file) Magazine guided tour aticles in
the ATV industry (Circa 1970)
  Pug Pug brochure (4 pages)
  Magic Circle Magazine article (2 pages)
  Eagle article Eagle Magazine article (6 pages)
  Eagle brochure Eagle brochure (2 pages)
  Coot Brochure Coot brochure (2 pages)
  Booklet Coot Coot brochure (8 pages)
  AMF SUR-TREK AMF brochure (4 pages)
  ATV World August 1971 (2 pages)
  ATV World (PDF file) May 1971 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  ATV World (PDF file) April 1971 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  ATV World (PDF file) January 1971 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  ATV World (PDF file) December 1970 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  ATV World (PDF file) November 1970 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  ATV World (PDF file) October 1970 (Thanks Don Kinyon)
  First production ATV (Circa 1965) .
  Article covering several brands of ATV's (Circa 1970) .
  Vehicles that can go anywhere. (Circa 1970).
  Buyers Guide (Circa 1970).
  Case of the Agile ATV Cool magazine article.
  Terra Tiger Magazine article (Circa 1970)
  New Wheels Article covering types of ATV'S (Circa 1971)
  How to Ride ATV's Magazine article about how to ride ATV's (Circa 1970)
  Razzle Dazzle Magazine article about different ATV's (Circa 1972)
  Starcraft Magazine article testing the STARCRAFT (Circa 1971)
  ATV Tent Camping Magazine article field testing the ATTEX
ATV Camping unit. (Circa 1975)
  6 FLATS AND A CLOUD OF DUST Magazine guided tour of the machines in
the ATV industry (Circa 1970)
  NEXT GENERATION Magazine article about different ATV's (Circa 1972)
  Let's go ATV Camping Magazine article about ATV Camping featuring the ATTEX CAMPER & CHIEF
(circa 1973)            (Thanks Sam Preston)
  Those ATV's Magazine article about ATV's
Active, Terrific. Vital: featuring the ATTEX
Coot. Terra Tiger and the Eagle AATV's
(circa 1971)

Build your own ATV (PDF file)

Magazine article about building your own
ATV out of house hold items, somewhat
funny , how long would this machine made out of wood drive? (circa 1968)

Check back often for new additions.

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